The year of hard truths

Doff your cap, alter your face – put on your sad but knowing expression. Are you ready? Right, here is the dildo Osborne to do his sanctimonious shpiel:

“We’ve got to make more cuts. That’s why 2014 is the year of hard truths – the year when Britain faces a choice. Do we say ‘the worst is over, back we go to our bad habits of borrowing and spending and living beyond our means and let the next generation pay the bill’? Or do we say to ourselves ‘yes, because of our plan, things are getting better – but there is still a long way to go and there are big, underlying problems we have to fix in our economy?” 

Never mind the facetious shmeril, this is the year of hard truths for Old Bill, reality is starting to appear, but the bullies have been on our case, the trouble is that disabled people are taking the fight to the motherfuckers. The toff cunts actually thought that when they fucked over the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and people struggling, that we would all just fuck off and die in misery. Actually we are going to be their worst nightmare, its a hard, hard truth. We are gonna nail the bastards with Professor Piketty, we are going to break UK and when we shout together we are going to be bloody listened too.

A rare figure we can look up to at this revolting time is mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson. Here he lashes the radical ‘Red Ed’ for endorsing The Scum yesterday (12-06): “My city was offended and insulted by the lies and smears peddled by The Sun and their hindrance to our fight for justice is something that will never be forgotten. For the leader of the Labour Party to make such an offensive gesture insults not only me but every person in the city. This is just another example of how out of touch the politicians in their ivory towers are from the lives of ordinary people. It begs the question – were the comments he made after the Hillsborough panel report sincere or just sound bites?” Joe is by no means the only person who thinks that Labour’s front bench is a pile of shit. The Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti is absolutely appalled by the savage disgraceful cuts to legal aid, and the fact that Labour are unable to say they will reverse these cuts. 

True socialist politicians like Joe Anderson highlight how shit the Labour party is now. Look at the pathetic Labour slogan “Hardworking Britain better off, snide Tory fanboy Guido Fawkes even says its a Tory slogan. Its a conundrum that the same party which has the atrocious putz Simon Danzuk and the bullish shlemiel Balls also has such brilliant decent people as the great JmcD, Corbyn, Lavery, and brilliant Morris. After the destabilisation of the Scottish referendum, Miliband will need to look to these stalwarts while eliminating the useless Blairite cunts. This will be the year of hard truths for Labour. Can the silly fuck Miliband cut the mustard? At the end of the day show the mamser an open goal and what does the nebbish do? Scratches his fucking bollocks. Its hard to imagine the limp dick grabbing the thistle.

We will be the worst nightmare for arrogant cocknugget George Osborne. With his minuscule brain, toffee nosed plonker George thinks that all the electorate will think about in 2015 is the fucking economy, but in his worst nightmare it wont be ‘the economy stupid, but it will be the meltdown NHS in centre stage, the fucking bedroom tax and the time limited ECA. All the time there will be one fucking disaster after another, I counted 14 at once last time. This is why Sunny Hundal is incorrect in his assessment of the next general election. Expect reality to dawn in a few months.

The contempt of IDS for people who need benefits is appalling. Here is a bit of him in the House of Common Fuck talking with useless Rachel Reeves – they all love to talk about us but never to us – from the blog of brilliant Sue Marsh:

Mr Duncan Smith: The hon. Lady is completely wrong. First of all, it was not an internal memo; it was guidance that goes out to the Department in the normal way. [Interruption.] The hon. Member for Rhondda (Chris Bryant) needs to keep quiet for a while and listen a bit more. This man has travelled so far in his political career that we never know what he is talking about. He has gone from being a Tory to being a Blairite and then a Brownite, and now he is a socialist on his website, so I wonder whether he needs to keep quiet and listen a little more.

Rachel Reeves : This weekend it was reported that Atos had pulled out of a DWP contract providing specialist disability advice. What was the Department’s response? An internal memo instructing staff deciding whether people are disabled enough to receive disability living allowance to “google it”. Is this not the biggest indication yet of the sheer contempt in which the Department for Work and Pensions holds disabled people?

Mr Duncan Smith: The answer to the hon. Member for Leeds West (Rachel Reeves) is that Atos Healthcare has not withdrawn from the contract. Normal procedures to update guidance in the process of DLA reform are going through. Under DLA, only 6% had face-to-face assessments; the majority have face-to-face assessments now, under the personal independence payment. Therefore, decision makers have much more objective information than they ever had before, so there is no change to the quality of the service. This is a simple contract adjustment to reflect and meet the corresponding business needs. The hon. Lady should really not listen to jobbing journalists who come to her to tell her they have an issue.

Rachel Reeves: I am not sure whether the Secretary of State has even bothered to read the memo from his own Department. As the right hon. Gentleman knows, because of the failure of his Department to deliver the reform, the personal independence payment is going out only to a third of country. After the chaos of the universal credit, the work capability assessment, the PIP, the Work programme and the Youth Contract, DLA is now in chaos as well. Is there any part of the Department for Work and Pensions that is actually working?

Mr Duncan Smith: The thing that is wonderful about the hon. Lady is that she never listens; she just reads what is on her script that she prepared before, and it does not matter what question was answered. I have already told her—[Interruption.]The hon. Member for Rhondda should keep quiet; otherwise he will jump out of his underpants if he carries on like that—

Yes, you are right about two things – in the House of Common Fuck its fucking boring and secondly IDS does not give a flying fuck.

Many of us are under an illusion, they believe that IDS is actually trying to mend the welfare state, to make it better. This is incorrect, the actual aim of IDS is to bankrupt and break the state, and its starting to be acknowledged, its going to be fucking realised in the year of hard truths. As millions of families are evicted from their houses and the local councils are asked to foot the bill by putting them up in cheap hotel. The bullies at the DWP are actually threatening to close down food banks in Scotland because they dare to challenge the appalling regime. If the evil butt-crack Couling does this he will feel the fucking rage immediately. How much has the fucking schlong IDS wasted so far on Universal Chaos – an eye watering £425000000. But its also symptomatic of the crypto-fascism we are in. As Lenin understood “Fascism is Capitalism in decay”.  Its well understood that the vile bedroom tax will cost more than it saves. 

Everyone is starting to realise that a fucking crackpot is in charge of the DWP, here Salma Yaqoob says it like it is: “I’m sitting next to Iain Duncan Smith who labels poor people as scroungers when you {IDS} claim £39 for a breakfast, like you can’t afford your own breakfast, and you live on your wife’s estate and have taken a million pounds of taxpayers’ money, that’s what I call scrounging,” – here is the full article.

As Lenin wrote: “The government is tottering. We must deal it the death blow an any cost. To delay action is the same as death.”  Never loose heart, remember this is a fantastically weak government. Its so weak they have had to do countless u turns. My favourite u turn was with buzzards. It wont take much kicking to fuck them up, but the footwork has to come from everyone, not just from the Trotskyites identified by the waste of sperm Grayling.

The year of hard truths

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