Rising Rage

Despite the protestations of the filth that a cost of living crisis does not exist, there is no doubt that even in their elevated Westminster bubble they can feel the rising rage. The great greedy ahole Bojo has wasted no time in ordering three water canons, even trollop May has not even agreed yet. He may be an out of touch klutz who talks shit but he is starting to feel the heat. By November 2014 its going to be fucking boiling.

Just as I am sitting typing this, someone stuck a copy of The Scum through my door. Today its just full of shit about the world cup. The truth is that the media and the fucking cunts with their bloated elite have made a mockery of the game. Its disgusting how much inequality there is in BrazilWhat they are doing in Qatar in the name of fucking football is sordid. Its all a load of cynical tosh, from a bunch of cunts who want us to be stupid. Well I can tell you Rupert me ol’ mukka, the newspaper was bloody useful, the PA used it to line the cat litter tray.

Fucking anger is now wherever you look. Here is some of the blog of excellent Kate Belgrave, its on my required reading list. Here she notes the words of unemployed Daniel: The police are petrified. If we turn against them, it’s roughly about six of us against one of them. The day they cut everyone’s benefit is the day that the whole of London goes mad. They’re going to break into shops, innit. How would they feel if they go to their bank account and there is nothing in it?”

Its been no secret to any of the posh shmucks that rising rage is going to lead to civil unrest. One massive event which is still largely down the pipeline is the disastrous roll out of the shit Universal Credit. So far 5610 of the least complex cases are now getting UC. In a manner which is a bloody farce the grim desk monkeys will then roll it out over the whole fucking country. Someone who knows about this is Richard Goodman, a CAB manager in Hammersmith , who wrote: “It’s a soft launch. It doesn’t stress-test the system. For instance, claimants will probably have greater digital literacy than others with more complicated circumstances. If they’re dogmatic about the 2017 deadline, they’ll squeeze a lot of people onto universal credit without fully testing it. And that means systems crashing, people not being paid and lots of hardship and misery.” In other words huge dollops of shit for poor people.

But the toffs know this is not the only problem, a major problem is that some poor people don’t have a computer, they cannot even use a fucking computer, 7.6 million people in UK cannot use one, also in many rural areas its impossible to get broadband. The posh cocknuggets hoisting their nasty jagged pill at us forget we pay their bloody wages. We give DC £142500 for this shit. George Osborne gets £134565. All that money and the toff cretins are fucking it up so badly, so comprehensively, so rapidly. It makes you want to shout “What the fuck is wrong with you, you greedy bunch of selfish bastards”.

This is a decent article. 

Looking at all these pathetic politicians repetitively I am beginning to agree with the iconic Russell Brand: “Imagining the overthrow of the current political system is the only way I can be enthused about politics”. 

Together we will have to break this political class. It is no surprise that DC is toxic to the Scottish ‘no’ campaign, they all hate him, the vote is getting closer and closer and there has yet to be the meltdown caused by the council tax evictions. Its all still to be played for but atrocious muppet Alexander is still saying there could be a preposterous change of fortunes for the Lib Dems. Let me inject some reality and say that at the GE the Liberal vote will be virtually non existent. Alexander maybe a joking gimp but the useless Liberal fuckers will pay the highest price for stabbing my class in the back. Its a shame as there were some semi decent Liberal MPs, but they fucked up big style. Look at fucking numptie Clegg laughing in the rose garden. The lying penis-brain will be pulling his sadder doggy face once the dominos start crashing. In 2011 the useless bastard was given a “blue light” police escort from Heathrow just so he could fuck up the NHS asap with po faced shmuck Lansley. 

The bloated elite now require a fucking good lesson. They need a Piketty style budget. Thankfully the great P will be debating with Miliband advisor Lord Stewart Wood on Monday. The great P says that the bloated elite should pay 80% tax. P has backed the tax plans of Class War which are 95%. No wonder the financial world love him so much

Rising Rage

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