Almost every fucking MP have been caught out pretending and lying to us the 99%. There is a crisis now in the Westminster bubble, everyone knows it, none of them know what to do apart from Meacher, the great JMcD, Corbyn and a handfull of decent people. Yesterday the Queen’s speech had almost nothing in, apart from support for the right to frack fucking fast, the greedy swinging dicks have fuck all to contribute now they have fucked over UK.   Only today (06/06) arse monkey Alistair Darling came up with a corker, saying Alex Salmon was like Kim Jon-il. Ludicrous statements are now made frequently by politicians. Major muppet Bojo compared the BBC to Boko Haram. With the same attitude the Tory press refer to “Red Ed”, “radical Miliband policies” and the darkly humerous “Marxist John Major“. They are making out we are all fucking stupid and to heighten the problem the Labour party are now riddled with the curse of champagne socialism, for the 99% its one of the biggest problems in UK politics. Just look at ahole Simon Danczuk in a debate with OJ. Its no wonder then Danczuk is the favourite Labour MP of DC:  The Labour shadow cabinet are no longer fit to govern – how many of them actually use the NHS? The biggest problem is now Balls, whose attendance at Bilderberg was a fucking disgrace. Balls is not the only weak link in the Labour chain. Shmuck Cruddas is a champagne socialist, the millionaire MP is in charge of the Labour policy review. The whole thing will need to be chucked away at this rate. Look at the way butt-crack Tristram Hunt is ready to follow the cocknugget Gove. Shadow Justice MP Sadiq Khan while unable to say he will repeal the legal aid bill did say he would scrap the plans for the Titan youth prison which joker Grayling is erecting near Leicester. But why isn’t Khan saying he will repeal it – because he cannot – because Labour are complicit with the filth – to get anywhere ‘red Ed’ will have to be a actual ‘red Ed’. But has he got the balls?

Populist establishment dingleberry Farage’s bigoted contender Roger Helmer for Newark didn’t win, everyone knew he couldn’t cut the mustard. Everyone Farage chooses rapidly becomes a fruitcake. It is part of Farage’s problem that everyone he turns to seems to be either a homo-sexual hater, a racist or a woman hater, that’s right – the bastard Farage can’t stop everyone knowing that UKIP is the party of hate. You would think Farage would know his weakness by now and just avoid allowing bigots to stand. But the dismal truth for him is there is no one else to chose from, whether the bastard grins or shows his smarmy face in a more thoughtful check he knows he has no one else he can rely on. The truth is that not one of the UKIP candidates can compete with Farage’s studied persona. Freaks like Godfrey Bloom, Geoffrey Clarke and Eric Kitson are unable to relate to ordinary people. They embarrass the bastard whenever they open their mouths. But there is nothing the grinning dong can do but pull his long suffering grin. But give the posh fuck his due, it cannot be easy doing what he does – he has to pretend the British public are stupid in order to get votes. But he also has to acknowledge that the Brit public are not so stupid, they have to be played to.

The changes to the trespassing laws to allow fracking are based on a lie. It is fucking crap to suggest anything other then that fracking is extremely stupid and short sighted. Fracking is very dangerous, Bojo’s status as a greedy fuckwit is confirmed by his desire to ‘leave no stone unturned in the search for renewable energy’. Studies in seismology in fracking in USA have shown just how little we know. Its what we do not know which is what the greedy fuckers are ignoring, particularly contamination to water. A child could tell you that UK has a unique and complex geological past – its riddled with fault-lines. Its a fucking disaster waiting to happen. It also just one of a whole group of disasters which are now in the pipeline.   Off the top of my head, these crises and disasters are in collapsing food banks, bursting housing bubble, probation, policing, NHS collapse, social care collapse, a collapse of services for women, fracking, flooding, fire and ambulance services, homelessness, mental health, councils through council tax and housing associations through bedroom tax, a collapse of the legal system. Disturbingly all these things could happen at once.   This national pretending that the vulnerable rural poor are not taking the hit right now is disgusting. In every part of UK there are now terrorised people, with disabled people forced to rummage in skips, starving, completely unsupported, kicked out like fucking dogs in the night. Lives are ruined on a grotesque scale by the Tory filth. I hope the demo on 21 June is fucking big. I’ll be there, blowing my longer horn.   The pretending of the BBC is disgraceful. The upper echelons of the broadcasting company will need to be thoroughly eradicated of vermin during the revolution. The whole establishment seems riddled with bias, like the pathetic Leveson inquiryIn the final reckoning The Sun, The Daily Star, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail and The Express all take the biggest share of the blame. The whole establishment have been complicit.

An aspect ludicrously perpetuated by Tories is that they are on the side of the workers. Evil cocknugget Shapps was rightly lambasted after his appalling bingo and beer advertPeople like the tuckus Bojo think they have a license to be classless because they can make ordinary folk laugh. He will not be laughing when the shit hits the fan. Endlessly apologising for the obscenely rich at a time of great recession is unlikely to impress the working classes, but the great klutz ceased to give a fuck since his famous fucking greedy speech of 2013. 

I am fucking angry at the lies surrounding the NHS. Repeated attacks have been made on our most cherished institution, by right wing journalists, who repeatedly denigrate the service. One such is fucking disgrace Laura Donnelly, the health correspondent of the Sunday and Daily Telegraph.

A voice of our generation is Stephen Fry, who wrote “How can one not be fond of something that the Daily Mail despises?”


2 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. Dave says:

    The sooner traditional Labour voters get it into their heads that by voting Labour they are perpetuating essentially Tory and neo-liberal policies the better. All too easy for them to think they are making a stand by supporting a party opposed to the Tories, when they are essentially supporting an endless round of regressive policies from which ever government.

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