Human Rights

In the topsy turvy world of the fuckwit government money trumps human rights every single time. Despite the recent strikes by lawyers, all poor people know that the law is an ass, and that Tory attack dog Grayling has fucked justice. One figure who towed the government line was Lord Justice Leveson. During the Leveson inquiry he showed complete indifference and a ‘wilful blindness‘ to the fate of disabled people. He didn’t give a flying fuck what was going on. The courts reaction to the pleas of poor people who dared to ask for the mitigation of the evil bedroom tax is demonstrative. The first challenge was thrown out in nine fucking minutes. The legal establishment have reacted with scorn to people fighting the bedroom tax. Only the other day the establishment dismissed another appeal at the High Court. This is not to say that there are no decent people in the legal profession. Of course there are. There are thousands of outstanding lawyers fighting for social justice all over UK. Top lawyers fought our side in the repulsive Legal Aid Bill. But the law is often a weak way to effect social justice. The dumb fuckers keep talking about leaving the European Court of Human Rights. This government have a deep disrespect of human rights. Look at the repulsive “Brazil nut” jibes of fuckwit Grant Shapps.

The Duchess of Cambridge said fuck you to human rights when she attended a wedding at the Dorchester Hotel, owned by the hardline Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. But hang on, you can’t expect a bimbo to give a flying fuck if the government do not.

Spiteful DC has no respect whatsoever for human rights. Here the cocknugget talks about how if there was a Tory government with him in charge they would rip up the human rights act: People should be in no doubt, under a Conservative-only government led by me, there will be the ability to throw out of our country much more rapidly people who threaten us and our way of life.” The evil dong Osborne is salivating at the thought of Chinese money coming to UK, and wrote this in 2013: “There is no country in the West that is more open to investment – especially from China.” A few years ago the fuckface wrote these lines: “Some say that it is not in the interests of Britain to confront China over its poor human rights record and nationalist sabre rattling: it will make it more difficult for British businesses trying to break into the Chinese market. From what I’ve seen and heard, I think they are wrong. China wants to do business and above all seems to crave international respectability”.

One bastard with a deep respect for human rights (not), with a record as long as your arm of fucking people over in USA, South America and Europe is Simon Stevens (Morning Star, 05-06-14), the top blood sucking vampire the Tories have brought in to finish off the NHS. Here are some words from the big schlong, speaking at the NHS confederation speech in 2014 about money, his sole motivator: “I can tell you now, we’re going to be taking a very hardnosed review of what we’re actually getting for that money and whether we can do better.” Its partly Steven’s fault that the NHS is now haemorrhaged with PFIs. Stevens was the grinning bastard who advised New Labour to bring in the PFIs, including fucking human rights supremo Tony Blair. The evil bastard could be the final nail in the coffin of the NHS. The bastard is pushing TTIP, the repulsive neoliberal transatlantic trade deal which will see USA firms fucking over UK hospitals. Simon Steven’s doesn’t give a fuck about human rights.

Kenneth Clarke is the bastard who brought in the shameful legal aid bill, unveiling the plans in 2010. The fascistic act will have to be revoked. Every major piece of shit legislation these evil fuckwits have shoved through parliament now needs to be revoked. The atrocious legal aid bill was rammed through using the ‘financial privilege’ the toffs dredged up. I hate Kenneth Clarke, I think he’s loathsome, every time I step on dog shit I think of the bastard, and yet in terms of evil Clarke now lingers behind murdering bigots Grayling and May.

Labour came third in the recent Newark by-election. People could not bring themselves to vote for UKIP candidate Helmer, who demonstrated his love for human rights by talking shit about rape and homosexuals. As one voter said “Helmer is Hitler”.

Human Rights will be one of the major areas were the toff cunts will feel the fucking rage of the British people. These vicious bastards have completely under estimated the British people. In the words of Burmese Aung San Suu Kyi: “Fundamental violations of human rights always lead to people feeling less and less human.” 

Human Rights

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