The short sighted rush to frack is on again. Having got rid of the ‘green crap’ the greedy stupid irresponsible fuckers cannot wait to drill everywhere. to ‘leave no stone unturned’ as greedy shlong Bojo is urging. This could be an important step towards a string of fucking disasters as the London area is one of the worst places to start fracking. Someone who actually knows about environmental science is Jenny Banks, energy and climate change specialist at WWF-UK, who writes, “Boris Johnson is confusing energy with electricity. If the lights went out it would be because of a shortage of power plants not a shortage of gas. Even if a shortage of gas were the problem, the solution would not be shale gas as no commercial production of shale gas is expected in the near future. London and the south-east are extremely densely populated areas where water resources are already overstretched. Shale gas drilling brings heavy traffic, noise and there are a number of outstanding concerns about contamination and pollution. In other words, it’s one of the most unsuitable places in the country for anyone to think about drilling.”  But the greed of the fucking neoliberal penis-brains is so fucking stupefying that it actually has no limits. The greedy fuckers have completely overlooked the prophetic Marx via the noxious Lagarde: “excess is the seed of destruction”.

In the greedy world of these fuckwits greed trumps every other fucking thing. You’d think these stupid bastards would be ashamed, but they are like bloody Nero, fiddling while Rome was burning. Except in our case it isn’t Rome, its the fucking world.

A symbolic area of greed is the reckless inflation of the housing bubble. Its something the bastards cannot control. Someone who can for see possible meltdown on his watch is Carney, and he admits there is fuck all he can do about the “deep, deep structural problems” in the housing market, with demand for homes outstripping supply. His deputy, Sir Jon Cunliffe said the danger signs resembled “a movie that has been seen more than once in the UK”. Although the Bank of England is saying the market is not yet overheating, a lot of economists are fucking nervous.

Certainly the bursting of the bubble will be a very important factor in the social Armageddon. The effects could also be amplified by the other side effects of the evil government all crashing like fucking dominoes at the same time. There is no plan, look at the flooding in the Tory heartlands for a taste of inept DC walking around in his fucking wellies looking sad. Useless fucking bastards.

Someone who is fucking greedy is immoral dick Tony Blair. The repugnant cunt fucked over the whole of the UK with the fucking PFIs and the whole idea of New Labour. The ugly cunt provided cover for the murder of so called compassionate conservatism, a cowboy anus like George Bush would have fucking loved DC. The political journalist and talented writer Robert Harris takes over: “Who knew that he would become a great friend of George Bush and would want to keep bombing people and would be so passionately interested in making money and live this strange life with the billionaire super-rich on yachts and private jets?…It’s a cliche to say that most politicians go mad if they are in office for more than about six or seven years and they become a member of a club and you become quite disconnected from reality, and I think there were in Tony things we perhaps didn’t realise at the time – of narcissism, a messiah complex, that had merely accelerated this impulse in him.” 

One area where the government have been fucking stupid in their greed is fucking up the NHS. Dr. Clive Peddel was so fucked off by the shady NHS dismemberment that he formed a political party. He writes: He says: “I really don’t want to be a bloody politician, but something has to be done.” Unlike the slimy Hunt an organisation who know what they are talking about it is Unite are now talking about the “NHS in meltdown” taking centre stage at the General Election (Morning Star 04-06).

The huge selling off of all public services at a rapidity and comprehensivity never seen before in the entire history of humanity is a combination of greed and gross stupidity. Like footballers trying at all costs to score a golden goal in the last minute of a football game, all the greedy fuckers are up by the goal. In their haste they have left their own goal wide open to the fucking maelstrom. The whole thing is like a great social experiment to create socialism for the fucking rich and austerity and misery for the fucking poor. Its now going to come from every direction, meltdown in NHS, bursting housing bubble, rioting starving people when food banks collapse, rioting jails, a huge spike in domestic violence, a crisis in homelessness, uncontrolled fires, a crisis of wca, flooding, the complete destruction of social care, against a back drop of Scotland demanding independence. Grim, but at least the greedy toff nob retains his sense of humour. This is a blinder he told in the 2014 budget speech: “King John’s humbling, centuries ago seems unimaginably distant. A weak leader (pause) who had risen to the top (pause) after betraying his brother (pause) compelled by a gang of unruly barons to sign on the dotted line”  He obviously needs to take up stand up comedy after he’s finished off fucking over UK. You don’t need a conscience to make people laugh, maybe the fuckface can get advice from staff at the job centre?

Thank God that DC is on his moral mission: We cannot go on as we are with 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit, 500,000 of them are under 35. Are we really saying there are half a million people in this country under 35 who are simply too ill to work? I don’t think that’s right.” 


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