Balls, Buzzards, NHS

  Its difficult to take the side of the plonker Balls. The bastard has fucking let Labour down with his attendance with the neoliberal bastards of Bilderberg in Copenhagen. He was so ashamed to be there that he tried to sneak in by the back door. The bruising cunt milks the old expenses with his wife Yvette Cooper. The ugly bastard is a part of the problem for Labour, but his equally useless wife actually thinks it would be a good idea if she was Labour leaderThe fucking rage of the unemployed as they are fucking demonised by this atrocious bunch of millionaire shits is completely ignored by pathetic MPs like Cooper. Almost the whole political class are a waste of fucking space. One thing which is a certainty is that what goes up will come down. The neoliberal bums fucking over the world will be broken. 

While Labour have made a complete arse of the workfare scheme, most notably with the retrogressive legislation with the muppet Byrne, there has been a consensus of organisations who will boycott this Tory shit.

The Tory cunts are proceeding with the stupid badger cullThe thorough incompetence in this area led to the u turn on the buzzard cull in 2012. Fuck the fact that buzzards were an endangered species, what fucking mattered was they were eating the bloody pheasants. Everyone knows that one thing rich people fucking love doing is killing things, posh people are famous for it. The wildlife minister back then was Richard Benyon, who had a 20000 acre estate in Berkshire. 

The explosion of the last year has seen this government massively fuck over the NHS. The fucking cunts have made it the case that no one can tell how the NHS is really doing. All you can do is visit hospitals and see for yourself what is going down. The BMA say there could be a collapse in AugustThe Department of Health say the NHS will collapse if improvements are not made to health and social care. Sir David Nicholson, out going boss of NHS says its not ‘sustainable’ and needs billions of pounds by the next parliament. One area which does not receive sufficient attention but which is fundamental to the NHS is the army of volunteers who save the NHS a whopping £487 million a year. Without all these people the NHS would just fall apart. Some people say the NHS will not fall apart until 2015/16The bastard Lamb says that bed blocking by elderly patients is the problem.  The stalwart Meacher discusses the issue and the repulsive clause 119 hereWorryingly its now the GPs who are talking about collapseWhen everyone talks about collapse its not a sign of health. Its a postcode lottery but there are two things you can be sure about – that if you are poor and you live in an area of the highest deprivation, then you will also have the worst network of GP provision and the longest wait to see a GP. GPs are now under a very great amount of pressure, in the words of Dr.Nagpaul, the leader of the General Pharmaceutical Council: “We have the quadruple whammy of a crisis in workload, workforce, premises and morale. Last year’s GP worklife survey by Manchester University showed GPs suffering extreme levels of stress – the highest since records began, and a sharp rise in those intending to retire early. The government can’t argue with these findings, since they themselves commissioned this report, but conveniently fail to mention it anywhere. And what’s NHS England’s cure? To shamefully threaten withdrawing occupational health services for over-stressed GPs and their staff when they need them most.”   The whole service is now so totally fucked by the Tory cunts, that no one really knows what will happen. There is no fucking plan, but there are a few areas were there is a consensus of opinion. One is mental health which is understood to be in a crisisIts actually typical of this government that they don’t give a fuck about mental health which is why they still have not stopped their illegal testing of mentally ill people with the fucking killing machine they call the wca. These bastards don’t give a fuck, its all about money to them, they would sell their mothers into slavery if they thought they could get a quick buck.

In these dark times there are few things as reliable for a laugh as fucking former UKIP candidates. Here is some crap from former UKIP councillor Dave Small. Here he vents about gay people: “Why on earth is this useless Goverment [sic] pandering to Puffs? I refuse to call them gays, as what has gay to do with Perverts like Elton John and Clair Balding [sic] who get their jollies in such disgusting ways. To sum up, they should not allowed to be married, they should go back to the closet.”  Douglas Denny, of the Bognor Regis branch in West Sussex, said homosexuals have “leftie, neo-commie followers”. He said: “I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not.”

Balls, Buzzards, NHS

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