Disabled people are a front line of resistance. We will not be victimised, vilified and fucking shoved out of society by a bunch of fucking cunts just to pay for the reckless casino capitalism of the bloated elite. The posh fuckers who stabbed my class in the back can go and fuck themselves. When the grotesque bum-hole Pickles cuts we fucking bleed, but we don’t grow weaker. Our anger gets ever sharper, and we are now fucking angry. All the posh fuckers have had so far are tiny glimpses of our anger – The Duchess of fucking Cornwall cowering in a limousine, the people singing the fucking witch is dead, me sitting in fucking Regent Street with a chain round my chair – no, they have not seen our fucking rage. Atrocious cunts like Benedict Brogan predicted this stage of austerity would be a fucking breeze, all the tosser reckoned the tories had to do was strike a balance between compassion and humanity. They’ve obviously fucked that one then.

 The bonanza to be gained from fracking has got the Tories in a lather, the greedy bastards cannot rush quickly enough. The dicks are pushing through legislation now which will mean they can frack wherever they fucking like. Its going to be an area of forthcoming resistance.

A major area of resistance is ordinary people who are now preparing for a big strike. Its not the general strike which the Labour bell-ends will never call, its the trade unions who have to show the fucking backbone.

The Lib Dems are starting to freak out at their upcoming whitewash, the nob-head Clegg can’t shake the heat, but its still early days, he has another year of sharply increasing heat. A massive area of resistance is the support for UKIP, which will be shafted. At the moment the dumb dong Farage believes he can get a long way if he can widen his support by drinking more pints. Maybe we will see the ugly bastard pulling his rigor mortis grin less eventually.

An area of resistance is the proliferation of food banks. The government repeatedly pedal the lie that the massive growth of food banks has fuck all to do with its policies. As usual the toffs are pretending we are the thick cunts, when its them who are fucking morons. No one knows how near food banks are to collapse. When they collapse there will be huge resistance. Food banks on there own do not stop malnutrition. Its growing in Wales, in the worst areas malnutrition has increased by 1400%.

But just to prove the Tories are not just stupid greedy cunts here is Bojo talking about IQs: “Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85 while about 2% …” he said as he departed from the text of his speech to ask whether anyone in his City audience had a low IQ. To muted laughter he asked: “Over 16% anyone? Put up your hands.” He then resumed his speech to talk about the 2% who have an IQ above 130. The toff was forced to eat his words only a few days later when he was asked some IQ questions live on air and got them all wrong. The gradually growing hatred Boris is rewarded will increase as resistance grows.   A similar level of stupidity was demonstrated by DC in 2012 when the great shmuck pushed himself on the David Letterman show in USA. Letterman made an idiot of DC by asking him who composed Rule Britannia and then what is the English translation of the Latin Magna Carta

The breakdown of society while an inevitable reaction to the speed and comprehensive nature of the greedy bastards relentless outsourcing, privatisation and fucking ignorance is also a hotbed of resistance which will be tapped, when it is tapped the tables can be turned. Until then we are stuck with grinning fuck face Farage. There are a number of areas where the toffs are rapidly losing control. Some people call it unravelling, but its not just doing that, its also causing massive misery. One area for this is the prison service, where the toffs have made a complete cock-up with cheer leading joke justice minister Grayling. Under his watch prison numbers are rocketing, assaults and suicides in prison are surging, there is an unacceptably high reconviction rate. Warning lights are flashing now, its guaranteed that by the GE 2015 it will be a fucking crisis. But don’t worry, the short sighted pigs know what they are doing. Thats why Herr Grayling has banned books from prisons.

In every single area these greedy fuckers have been warned by experts they are doing it wrong, each time the toffs have ignored the advice and carried on. But don’t worry, they will listen to you if you have loads of money. If you have the wonga you can buy parliamentary time, you can lobby through fucking Crosby-Textor, the whole cabinet are evil and corrupt from Cable with Royal Mail to Jeremy Cunt which his posh vulture mates waiting to scoop from the carcass of the NHS. Pit bull Crosby has a brain, but it doesn’t stop him being a fucking conduit of evil. The Oz cunt loves to bang on about Muslims, but ignores the fact that nine Muslims have been awarded the Victoria Cross. The evil fucker loves a wedge strategy. The Brits will give him more than he can handle, but don’t worry,  I am sure the toffs are paying him handsomely.

Oh fuck it all – here are Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham skating together in Santa Monica California. Several times her fucking fedora blew off and they chased it. 


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