Feeling the heat et al

The speech at the TUC went down OK. I never swore once. John MacDonnell was up on the platform too, one thing he said stood out. He said that the recent elections were a huge sign to Labour to change fucking direction.

The pundits are saying ridiculous things of UKIP, despite the fact that have zero interest in helping the 99%. A more sober assessment is given by the excellent Phil Burton-Cartledge, who discusses why the BBC is giving the frightening cunt Farage so much air time, and fuck all to the real contenders – Class War, The Greens, People’s Assembly and Left Unity. Like I said the reason is that the bastard Farage can spread his privilege, and is using a basic populism which will fool no one when the chips are down. By the end of the year the chips will be down, and it is to be hoped that the ugly cunt will fucking fuck right off. I hate the way that he makes ordinary British people appear like idiots. The presence of Farage is confusing the people, but is having the effect also of eating into the Tory vote and the Labour vote. It would be easy for Miliband to attack Farage on welfare but he cannot. The trouble here is that Miliband is surrounded by close advisors who are absolute political limp-dicks, apart from Len McCluskey and Andrew Harrop. The fact remains though for Labour that UKIP have a higher percentage of working class members than the main three political parties. Nonetheless it is spineless Lib Dems that now have the heat, they are now feeling the pay-off of supporting austerity – fucking total annihilation. 

Its not surprising in this toxic economy, with everything now topsy turvy, that a lot of people are now getting in debt because of the stupidity of the tax credit system. Many recipients are overpaid, and 14% of the people who come to CAB say they are in debt directly because of the government asking for money back. I think this is a disgusting sign. This area of thorough government incompetence was only highlighted by the campaigning work of brilliant anti cuts campaign False Economy and is just another example of the government not giving a fuck about ordinary people.

Multi-murdering monster IDS has been caught out paying 66% of the DWP workers less than the minimum wage. The shocking bell-end is causing the greatest misery in the North of England. Its always the most deprived areas which are the hardest hit – look at these figures from Scotland. The grotesque anus Eric Pickles has made it so fucking unequal, that now the ten most deprived local authorities in England will lose ten times as much spending as the ten least deprived local authorities. In every area of the country there is now evidence of the brutality of these fucking evil bastards. Its no wonder that super cunt IDS has made a habit of attending the parliamentary work and pensions committee at the house of common fuck, with a body guard and a number of armed policemen. People don’t do that because they think everyone loves them. The sanctimonious bastard knows everyone hates him.

Here’s a picture of me protesting.

In the upcoming by-election at Newark, UKIP are fielding fuck-wit Roger Helmer. Helmer shows his deep understanding of class war when he discusses the so-called riots of 2011. The vicious cunt ignored the caution of DC “Too many tweets make a twat” and instead tweeted: “Memo to COBRA: Time to get tough. Bring in the Army. Shoot looters and arsonists on sight.” Where does UKIP find these arses? They call a few kids running in hoods riots, it was only a tiny reflection of the fucking anger. Its bollocks just like saying Marxist John Major, radical Ed Miliband and Red Ed. Its the kind of shit that Bojo spouts, here is monster-prat Bojo calling Miliband a Stalinist

Karl Marx was fucking on the ball. “Man is distinguished from all other animals by the limitless and flexible nature of his needs” 

Feeling the heat et al

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