Speech about ILF for TUC

On Thursday I am giving a speech at the TUC about ILF. Here is my speech, sadly there is no swearing, there is no mention of a bum-hole, a schlong or a helmet. This is it:

Thank you to the TUC for inviting me to the disabilities worker committee to talk about ILF. Some of you may be unsure what the ILF is, ILF stands for the Independent Living Fund, which allows disabled people to live independently in the community. The ILF funds 19000 people in UK, the fund costs £320 million. Disabled people took the government to court in 2013 to try and stop then closing the fund on 31st March 2015, to which the government has replied by saying they will close the fund after the general election on 30th June 2015. The closure of the ILF will be a catastrophe to disabled people. Ladies and gentlemen, this will not be allowed to happen. They will have to hear the people speak, it must have been a decision they hated making, and yet ironically the Tory’s and disability campaigners started ILF in 1988.

These campaigners fought hard to give us a semblance of equality. The advances they have made have been eroded by this appalling government who have used the British public against disabled people, eagerly aided by a rampant media, resulting in evil propaganda, endless TV and newspapers cramped with bogus statistics. The hypocrisy has been ugly, but lets not lose sight of the fact that the ILF is an essential fund for disabled people in UK, without which disabled people will be forced into a life of loneliness, social deprivation and exclusion, independence will be the luxury of the rich. Without the ILF all the recipients will be forced into residential care, they will lose the ability to work. It will be a catastrophe. At its most basic, the money from the independent living fund helps pay for a personal assistant, and meet the person’s care and support needs so life can be managed, and lived to the fullest that the person can live it. They feel valued, a person, part of society. By basic I am talking about getting out of your bed in the morning, cleaning your teeth, having a shower, getting dressed, eating, using the toilet, before we even access the community. Access to the community includes access to decent healthcare to manage your condition and levels of pain, access to accessible transport, access equality at all levels.A proportion of disabled people are in work – that’s right they are doing the right thing. This government cares about their continued abilities as much as for the Remploy staff they mercilessly made redundant. In the cynical words of David Cameron, “lets spread the privilege”. Frankly, these people make me swear, I have to hold myself back. Ladies and gentlemen, disabled people in UK will not pay the price for the casino capitalism of the bloated elite. Disabled people demand a future. We will not be imprisoned in our homes with no life.

We don’t need to look far, to know that UK is a rich country, the seventh richest in the world, and that not content with being super rich, the richest people in the world are seeking to destroy the hard earned rights of disabled people all over the world. We must never under-estimate the viciousness of the ruling class, but these brutal plutocrats will not break disabled people in UK. Their bedroom tax has turned into a ludicrous fiasco, the universal credit roll-out has been a shambles, and the shameful closure of the independent living fund will not be allowed to occur because we have to acknowledge something bigger is happening, something which terrifies the Tory mediocrities, and yes Mr Duncan-Smith, you are a mediocrity. The whole matter is now unravelling and spiralling out of control, there is now a class war, but the chinless toffs in charge have no idea where they are going, they are cutting blindly, and yes, the closure of ILF is a cut.

This out of touch government have shown that they believe disabled people are a waste of space and money, and that instead of living decent lives, actually we should be ground into the gutter and treated with disgust, hatred and derision, because we do not fit into the capitalistic ideal of unabated greed. In the words of our joke mayor Boris “Greed is a valuable spur to economic activity”. There is no room for disability in the new cruel Britannia. How dare we try to be independent! How dare we choose to live with some equality. These greedy neoliberals don’t give a sausage about the misery and the broken lives their stupid policies bring. Its always been about shifting the blame for the financial crisis on to the innocent poor.

These repeated attacks on disabled people have led us to form DPAC, the disabled people against cuts, and our sister group Black Triangle in Scotland. Yes we are proud, but we are most proud of our trade union allies who speak for the working class more than the sexist bigots of UKIP, let’s not forget that on the welfare policy of UKIP it describes us as “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”. This government are forcing the working class to stand up, even if the Labour party can only offer us platitudes, Tony Blair, Mandy, Balls and middle class tokenism. The Labour party seem unable to reopen the independent living fund except in Scotland. But Labour don’t represent me any more, they don’t represent disabled people. No one can foretell the events of the next twelve months. Personally I am a revolutionary, and only a revolution will reopen this fund, which gives disabled people equality, inclusion and independence.

To conclude I demand ring fencing for ILF. I demand a national task force including ILF users and organisations of disabled people, to look at the whole issue and the duties of the government under national and UN law. I demand that the fund is once again open to all eligible disabled people. ILF is about human rights, I will fight for my human rights, when the condems started a fight with disabled people in uk, they did not realise they were entering the battle of humanity.

It looks like I am talking after the great JD, but unlike him I am not a great public talker. I am much better at reporting. I can report today that the bedroom tax is turning into a bigger and bigger social disaster. Child poverty in UK is also soaring, in UK children are bearing the brunt of austerity, its fucking disgusting that we will soon have children begging on our streetsThis government are really fucking over the next generation.

I am more impressed now with Carney, the Govenor of the Bank of England.

Poor Tory MP Amber Rudd is no longer enjoying being at Hastings. The spiteful bag writes of Hastings somewhat whimsically:

You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside. They’re not moving down here to get a job, they’re moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink.”

Speech about ILF for TUC

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