NHS and election fallout

One thing which there is no doubt that the European and local council elections did is put the wind up the Lib Dems. I am not a Lib Dem, but I actually only detest four Lib Dem MPs. I think Nick Clegg is a fucking shmuck – I hate seeing the bastard laughing in the rose garden. Danny Alexander is a huge unprincipled muppet. Simon Hughs is an slimy lying bastard, and so is Vince Cable who sold us all down the river. Some Lib Dems though get my grudging respect and have signed EDM620 which was about mandatory reconsideration, which was even signed by Tory Sir Bottomley. One Liberal MP who signed it was Sir Bob Russell who called a Tory a “wanker” just the other day. One MP who got in trouble for being truthful was Eric Joyce, who head butted one Tory MP Stuart Andrew in the Strangers Bar. The House of Common Fuck is full of booze, there are 27 different places there selling alcohol.

It is surreal watching DC accuse Farage of populism, and then there was a totally ludicrous speech made by huge twerp Bojo even mentioning “a wet kipper”. What we have to remember is that this is the topsy-turvey condem world. The world where they say shit like Miliband is radical, red Ed and John Major is a fucking marxist.

The bastards are baiting the NHS again. A problem which has got much worse is sending people home in the middle of the night, and the reason hospital staff have resorted to this is a shortage of beds. In the words of Dr. Mike Smith, chairman of the Patients Association “They have got people in A&E chomping at the bit, lying in corridors, they have got to be admitted and they have no beds. It’s for the convenience of staff and the person they are admitting but at the gross detriment to the person they are chucking out.” The undeniable truth is that we have no true way to know how the NHS is performing, the government continuously wilfully misinform, but we do know that 2000 NHS jobs are under the knife right now, though the result of the meeting held will not be known until June. Some of the jobs will be outsourced to India, they say these jobs will be in admin, but its fucking nonsense that at the same time they are talking about saving money in the NHS, 9 NHS officials spent almost £200000 dining last year, with taxi fares and hotels which were £500 a nightHard fighting for worker’s writes can prove successful.

Brainy Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, is finding resistance from the muppets at the Treasury, Carney is trying to curb the inflating housing bubble. Carney can sense meltdown on his watch, I’ve checked him out, he knows what he’s doing, unlike super cunt Osborne and his side-kick muppet Alexander.

The Lib Dem problems cannot be resolved even if they get rid of tosser Clegg.

A part of the problem is the repeated urge for fiscal discipline from within the Labour Party.

Shameful DC loves to say shit about the Labour Party being the party of unlimited welfare”

DC: Welfare needs to be controlled. Everyone who is on tax credits will be affected by these changes because we have to get on top of the welfare bill. That is why we are restricting the increase on out-of-work benefits and it is also the reason why we are restricting in-work benefits. We are saying to working people you can earn another £3,000 before you even start paying income tax. This is the party for (rich and greedy bastards) people who work, his is the party of (fucking) unlimited welfare.”

Stalwart Meacher is saying it like it is. Meacher is one of my top five MPs, he is boggled by the pathetic Labour leadership.

Fuck it all. A German tabloid paparazzi has taken a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge showing her fucking bare arse.

NHS and election fallout

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