the dropping coin et al

The Labour penny is starting to drop, the price that Labour is paying for shafting the working classSome MPs say that Labour should have tried harder to attack UKIP. This is actually true, but nonetheless a huge amount of shit has been written about the elections. The role of UKIP in siphoning off the Tory vote is obvious, so is the price shameful cunt Miliband is paying for the stabbing of my class in the back. Many commentators express confusion, but Labour need to get a firm grip of why UKIP have leached their votesCunt Benedict Brogan doesn’t get itBut the shaking up of Labour was not the only thing achieved by these elections, the Tories are in a state too.  Personally I do not think Miliband was drubbed enough, he needs the grand chop of the Scottish referendum still. English politics would suddenly be in a right state. DC would resign, Bojo would step in, and then the people would have to scratch their heads and think ‘what the fuck’ for once. At this time Miliband will have his decision time. Will he stab my class and show his fucking weakness or will he pull his finger out? He will not have long though to make up his mind with the NHS crashing around him. Above all what the elections showed is that we are still going up shit creek without a paddle, the doughty ship Britannia is heading straight for the iceberg. There is no doubt that a large part of the problem is that Labour have lost their way, they have become like a plastic bag caught high up in a tree – no one knows how it got there, it might get blown further away at any time. Disgraceful trout May has fucked off old bill, she even went so far as to say that police numbers had nothing to do with crimeShe fucked off loads of coppers yet again, but its good that they also feel this anger, that they are not immune from it, they are instead “angry and bewildered”.  As the debacle proceeds, their anger will grow accordingly.   Changes to the prison and probation services are really being rushed along this year. Its the most comprehensive and rapid privatisation every carried out in any country in the history of humanity. 1 in 6 of our prisons is now owned by a private company.   Cold water has been poured on the report by the British Geological Survey about the potential for fracking in the South of England which I reported yesterday. Frack Off campaigner Lorna Roseacre said Britain’s countryside faced mass industrialisation for a tiny amount of oil. 

She said: “For fracking companies to extract just 4 per cent of the 4.4bn barrels of shale oil that the British Geological Survey say lies under southern England would require 1,400 wells.

If they could access 10 per cent, which is extremely generous, it would require 3,500 wells to be drilled.” I cannot see the nimbies of the south east being happy, if one ancient rectory wall collapses in a minor earthquake they will be in a fucking state.

 Mr Field is having talks with the enemy about taxing people to abuse the NHS. But there has been an important revolutionary article publishedOne its most relevant paragraphs is this: “At the very least, we might learn something. As the American psephological guru Nate Silver noted after he tried and failed to forecast the 2010 UK election with the same laser-like accuracy he brought to the US polls, the paucity of data about UK voting patterns is staggering. Silver contrasted the “abundance of data” collected before and after American votes with the failure to do even ‘the bare minimum’ in the UK” In other words no one has a fucking clue what’s going down. Everyone knows IDS isn’t all there, everyone knows he is exacting misery on a monumental scale. But its the poor and vulnerable he is doing it too, so no one is able to do anything. But once a rich tosser squeals everyone stares. Thank goodness someone had the foresight to do a portrait of IDS, it only cost the taxpayer £10000Without shame Aggressive Loan Companies are donating thousands to the Tories.  The 99% will just have to make the toffs and the champagne socialists tremble. To quote MarxLet the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!”

the dropping coin et al

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