Fracking, Police, G4S, Sanctions

Of all the curses which this government have brought to this beautiful country the most evil is arguably fracking. For now the great klutz exhorts us about fracking, salivating at the idea of a giant fast buck: “if reserves of shale can be exploited in London we should leave no stone unturned, or unfracked, in the cause of keeping the lights on”. The greedy bastard cannot wait to get started. One of the first places vaunted for fracking in London is at Croydon. 

The government are absolutely salivating at the huge pile of dosh which they extract from South England.

Lots of people appreciate the dangers of fracking, but the seismic implications are little understood. One bum-hole shitter who cannot wait to fuck over the people of Croydon is filthy Tory Councillor Simon Hoar, the muppet is paid £43339 a year, but treats constituents like shite under the shoe. The risks from the USA are well known: “Fracking in the USA has succeeded in finding some gas reserves, but when carried out in residential areas it has become notorious for causing minor earthquakes and polluting water supplies with the toxic chemicals, including arsenic, used in the process”. Johnson’s own grasp of climate change is negligibleInstead of being ashamed of talking shit he spouts it all the time in his chicken-feed column in the Torygraph.

If the incredible disrespect for the environment is one example of gross ignorance and greed, the treatment of the police by the government are similarly based. The grotesque May spits hatred as well as Baroness Bottomley. Its her job to control the police reforms, like every service they are to be completely fucked up. Today they fucked up the Police Federation of England and Wales. The police showed their anger in a very British way, they called it Plebgate. Many activists have not always had a good relationship with the police, but nonetheless it is the case that the relationship of the police with the government is now really fucked. The May woman said it was not, but the police are unhappy with the radical overhaul of pay and conditions, and there is a creeping privatisation. If I was a copper, one thing I would be fucking angry about is the fucking police and crime commissioners (PCC), which this government first elected on 15th November 2012. Although these PCC have fuck all experience some have immediately sacked chief constables. The elections for PCC were the lowest of any national election in UK, as Flynn, the MP of Newport West said:

We distinguished ourselves in Newport in having one polling booth where nobody voted at all”. 

One group of blood sucking vampires feeding on the fucking working class are the internationally renowned shysters G4S. Despite their ludicrous maxim “Securing your world” G4S have a record of fucking up. They advertise themselves by saying “We protect rock stars and sports stars, people and property, including some of the world’s most important buildings and events, but the last few years have seen repeated embarrassing cock ups from them. The appalling international track record of these grim bastards makes it clear that of all the blood sucking vampires employed by these toff shmucks G4S is the weak link. They were in fact so shite that the mass murderer Osborne wasted no time in handing the cunts millions of pounds of taxpayers money for his useless Help to (fucking) Work scheme. For a useful blog all about these useless bastards here. The government pour money at these corporate parasites but they cut funding for anything which helps the poor, for example, services for homeless people

The surge of UKIP at the recent elections may not impact the general election. Personally the sight of Farage grinning makes me vomit. Farage predicted there would be a fucking ‘earthquake’, I think he stinks, and I think anyone who votes for him who is from the 99% have not done their readingI voted. I voted for the TUSC and the Green party.

Here are some more fucking stupid sanctions:

You retire on the grounds of ill health and claim ESA. You go to your assessment and during the assessment you have a heart attack, so the nurse says they have to stop the assessment. You get sanctioned for withdrawing from your assessment. 

It’s Christmas Day. You don’t do any job-search, because it’s Christmas Day. So you get sanctioned. For not looking to see if anyone has advertised a new job on Christmas Day.

You’re on a workfare placement, and your job-centre appointment comes round. The job-centre tells you to sign on then go to your placement which you do. The workfare placement reports you for being late and you get sanctioned for 3 months. 

You’re five minutes late for your appointment, you show the advisor your watch which is running late, but you still get sanctioned for a month.

Its disgusting, but what is even more shameful is that PCS staff who work in the job-centres have to apply the system. I try and be sympathetic to them, I tell myself they are only doing their job, that they are stuck, but we have now entered a thoroughly poisonous environment where job-centre staff are expected to sanction each other. This is an important step towards a revolution, it demonstrates complete inhumanity, it proves once again that the government are totally divorced from reality. These millionaire fuck wits are completely out of touch with ordinary people.

Lenin understood the dynamics of revolution more than me: “It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws. But when it comes it moves irresistibly”.

Fracking, Police, G4S, Sanctions

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