The stink

As the weeks slowly drag on the mediocrity Farage and the fucking UKIP are gradually showing their colours. Years of only fielding racist and homophobic cunts has taken its toll. The latest debacle in Croydon, South London was typical.

Fresh from bottling the Newark by-election Farage was terrified of appearing at Croydon. This was explained Winston Mackenzie: “Mr Farage came along. He saw what was happening here, the violent way some people were behaving. He had people here. He was getting reports. He would have been a fool to turn up seeing the way some of these people behaved”.

This is fun.

No wonder the bastards are now so twitchy about their image. This man was visited by old bill after he made a video where he laughed at a ukip poster in LancashireThis man in Cambridgeshire had to see old bill after posting tweets about UKIP policies on Twitter. Its a sign that the ukippers are getting really sensitive to this racism and populism lark. They should listen to the BNP and toughen up.

One of the UKIP cronies in Ashford Kent is Janice Atkinson, who responded with anger when approached by tory blog blue guerilla “‘I don’t care where you fucking post this, just fuck off!‘.

By towing the Tory line on spending cuts, Labour have allowed the UKIP tossers to take away many of their votes, its a strategic problem for fucking flaccid Miliband.

But even after the stink of racism is injected to British politics useless Miliband is always most confused by open goalsWhen Miliband sees an open goal, instead of scoring he starts scratching his navel, instead of taking an easy shot he bites the hand that feeds him. Its the actions of someone who has not got a fucking clue, its another sign, like outflanking which is real indicator of Labour weakness. Try and write a letter to these weak arses to ask them to sign an edm. They can’t do it. They have not got fucking the wherewithal. Most will only send you a computer generated letter telling you that if you don’t live in their constituency they cannot act for you as there is a parliamentary protocol. Half the MPs send you a reply via a parliamentary secretary. Each one of these refuses to take the matter further. You have to remind every single one that MPs are paid by us, that Labour and the Liberals are on the way out, that its directly because they treat US with fucking scorn. Some say there MPs cannot sign because they are front-benchers, party whips or shadow ministers. This is rubbish, this is a time of crisis, they can break their rules if they want – what will happen? The truth is that the House of Common Fuck is no longer fit for purpose. The Scottish people will be getting the first say, it will come soon after the disarray of the summer. In the disarray massive amounts of poor people will be evicted. Even amongst these cunts there are a few figures who shine through above the detritus of parliamentary shit. I would say that of all these 650 MPs, 20 are ok, so that’s an appalling, just 3.7% of the MPs are doing their fucking job. You will find that MPs are actually good at three things – fiddling their expenses, getting a pay increase and taking a holiday. Right now parliament is prorogued, which means the parliamentary session has been discontinued without dissolving it.

But its not just the Westminster bubble who award themselves ludicrous wage increases. County councillors love doing it – here they are caught in Surrey. Its all listed.

This stink of racism is important because it directly coincides with the language of disability hate mindlessly pumped out by the wolf pack media. Using their own special language for us, they define us as work-shy, feckless scroungers. It is no surprise that 20 year old Martin Hadfield killed himself the other day. Personally I blame the media for this tragedy, they are as much to blame as the Tory filth.

An important article was published today by Inside Housing, it says that more than 4100 households are at risk of losing their house every week, there is an important list also publishedThis is the figure which is now spiralling out of control. It must also be looked at, at the same time as the growing housing bubble, which increased by 8% last year.

It may be too late for Carney to stop the rot, but there is nothing the smart Yanky can do about the fucking membranes he is working with.

In the words of Malcolm X: The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you’ll get action”.

The people are now waking up.

The stink

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