Stupid stupid bastards

Populist dick-brain Farage was made to look stupid on the radio on Monday Dugher the Labour attack dog has called the anti-working class cunt a “phoney bullshit artist”. But looking stupid is hardly new for many. The stupidest thing which the super cunt Osborne has done is to vastly inflate a housing bubble. First the toffs introduced another right to buy scheme on council houses, promising that each one sold would be replaced but they were not, 30% of these were in LondonPeople are predicting that the bubble will burst with a resounding crash. No wonder Carney, the governor of the bank of England has his knickers in a twist about it, he can foresee meltdown on his watch. Lib Dem bell-end Vince Cable is scared of it: “In the next few years we are going to get back to high levels of household debt in relation to income, significantly higher in the UK than in almost any other country. A lot of this is due to booming house prices. And that contains serious dangers, not least the fact the large numbers of people taking on mortgages at considerably more than three times their income are going to face higher interest rates when we return to normality. It is a real, real, real worry”. In other words its going tits up.

A very serious issue is the immense fuck up DC is making with his privatisation revolution. In the first three months of 2014 this increased by 168%. The speed, scale and complexity of this massive transfer is unprecedented. In all these the most noteworthy feature is that there are no contingency plans for failureWhen the massive implosion occurs – multiple privatisation failures will be integral. The public accounts committee say that contracts have been “too large and too complex”. An area of under-estimated importance for a mega fuck up is probation which the government are now really fucking up. The committee warns of the great risks involved. But they are forgetting that great risks mean only one thing to this government. Great risks mean a fast buck, fuck everyone else. All through this whole depressing dirty process there has been one constant – fuck over the poor. Fuck over anyone that is disadvantaged, vulnerable or needing a break. Kick away the ladder of fucking social mobility. When pig Nadhim Zahawi of the horse warming was questioned about how his parents claimed benefits for him, its fucking enjoyable to watch the ugly greedy cunt squirm .

IDS is famous for his stupidity, so much so that even toff dolt Osborne could see it: “You see Iain giving presentations and realise he’s just not clever enough”. In an era where we permit the helmet Clarkson, IDS has had a free rein to repeatedly spew shite statistics and say “I believe this to be right”. On one occasion the multi millionaire cunt peeked over the fucking parapet and said he could live on £53 a week. Although there were instantly 300000 signatures to the petition, the lying bum-hole knew he would have to eat his words. Instead he refused the challenge and waffled “That’s why I want to reform the system because it leaves people feeling helpless. This ridiculous nonsense is a stunt, and it’s a stunt to avoid the reality that we inherited a bust system – financially bust and morally bust”. The only thing morally bust here, is you Mr Duncan Smith. The expenses of IDS for the period 2012-13 show that he spent £39 on one single breakfastUniversal Chaos is the flagship of the lying bastard, studies of which have shown that its a great cock up which is about to unfold. So far it is being trailed on only the very simplest cases, and then like a fucking joke its going to be rolled out of the whole country. Someone who does know about the impact of UC is Mr Fitzhenry, the director of Golden Gate Housing, a social landlord in Warrington, Cheshire. He admits “My biggest worry is that they’re rolling this system out across the whole North-west. They’re struggling to cope with the four local authorities now. Why would you roll it out until you’ve tested it and it works?.

I can answer your question Mr Fitzhenry. The reason why they can do this is because they do not give a fuck, they actually want to bankrupt the welfare state. Then they’ll walk away laughing to their fucking mansions while its ordinary people that have to pick up the fucking pieces like you and me. Its purely ideological, just like all the other cuts. All these toff cunts ignored experts from every single area and ploughed on anyhow.

One area which has not received sufficient attention where the fucking cunts ignored all the experts is legal aid. The legal aid bill is a shameful act, one demographic hit most hard by it are women, particularly victims of domestic violence. Lady Scotland said of it: “The provisions in this bill, if accepted, will cause great damage. We know from a recent survey that 54.4% of victims today would not get through the evidential gateway created by this bill. A great injustice may be allowed thereby to enter into our system”. Using their so called financial privilege the bastards overturned every fucking one of these amendments.

So much gross stupidity simultaneously can only have a conclusion where there is no control. During the reading of the welfare reform bill Baroness Meacher, a former social worker and member of the House of Posh Fuck warned of civil unrest, while Baroness Meacher said that “tenants will, Lord of the Flies style, compete savagely”. The bald truth is that these idiots are not in control any more.

Its only a few months now until riots, but this is a dangerous phase as Martin Luther King acknowledged:

The more there are riots, the more repressive action will take place, and the more we face the danger of a right-wing takeover and eventually a fascist society”



Stupid stupid bastards

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