I was not born to rule, these days actually I feel I was actually born to watch fucking greedy fuck-wits fuck over UK. But gross stupidity is a problem toff super-gob-shite Boris actually knows well, he talked about it in his famous greedy speech:   “Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85 while about 2% …” he said as he departed from the text of his speech to ask whether anyone in his City audience had a low IQ. To muted laughter he asked: “Over 16% anyone? Put up your hands.” He then resumed his speech to talk about the 2% who have an IQ above 130. The bald fact is that the joke mayor may talk about IQs and cornflakes, but he has a strong track record of taking Londoners for a fucking ride. Take the expensive waste of money which is the Boris bus, a complete fudge and nonetheless just one of a list of vanity fuck ups from the pompous schlong. Greedy Boris and greedy Pickles have got in a froth over the fucking huge wads of cash to be made out of the Earl’s Court area in London. The grasping toffs are ramming through plans there “based on ideology not evidence”.  It is commonly thought that IDS is the stupidest of the top Tories, but he is not by any means the most stupid Tory MP. Daniel Kawczynski could be a contender. The huge bum-hole is famous for his meeting with Mr McGuigan in Westminster in October 2013.   The stupidity of the Tories is even acknowledged by Thatcherite Portillo.  In March 2013 evil dick-head Osborne joined twitter, which is one of the many signs the cunt has made that he is a fucking idiot. Immediately many people commented, here are a few of those:

Worst chancellor ever. Quite a place in history. Will you resign this afternoon? Why not?

Change direction you arrogant pig-headed idiot….it’s your hubris holding us back. You’ve lost the argument, it’s failed.

Ooo am I the first? You’re a twat. Are you really a lizard? Is that why you can’t even use a calculator? Here are some more:

George Osborne        ✔ @George_Osborne

Made argument that UK faces choice-let up now with more borrowing & back to square one or work through our plan to deliver a secure future

@George_Osborne hope you die in a bin fire you shape shifting horse fucker

George Osborne        ✔ @George_Osborne

Been speaking at Sertec – great manufacturing business in Coleshill, Warwickshire which today announced it’s creating 400 jobs.

@George_Osborne You’re an irredeemable cockthistle

George Osborne        ✔ @George_Osborne

Good news that many #hardworking people are in their new homes for the New Year thanks to the #HelptoBuy mortgage guarantee scheme

@George_Osborne a housing bubble is not an economic recovery you fucking knob-shining shitehawk

George Osborne         @George_Osborne

Today I’ll present the Autumn Statement in which we will show how we’re working through our long term plan to deliver a responsible recovery

@George_Osborne that doesn’t mean anything you fucking cretin.

George Osborne         @George_Osborne

Really enjoyed meeting the hardworking miners at Thoresby pit

@George_Osborne Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me. Miners? Seriously? Didn’t your party cause them enough hardship, you cocksplurt?

George Osborne        ✔ @George_Osborne

Halifax, RBS and NatWest all confirm they are taking part, offering new 95% Help to Buy mortgages

@George_Osborne they piss in your coffee when you’re not looking

George Osborne        ✔ @George_Osborne

Coalition outing with Danny Alexander to Lords. Who’d have thought a Scotsman could teach an Englishman about #cricket

@George_Osborne go ram your cock in a blender   Talking of brains – here is DC trying to be a statesman, and in the process wearing his most serious face:   The most interesting aspect of the Tory reckless greed is the inability to join up the dots. But this is a problem for Labour also, take the NHS for example. Everyone knows it isn’t sustainable at the moment, but political parties believe that the crunch time is not until 2015/6:–everybodys-thinking-about-it-everybody-knows-its-inevitable-but-nobody-will-admit-as-much-9385916.html Although the timing of the crash is unknown, this government have completely under estimated the consequences of their actions. Take for example North West London. Massive closures will leave two million people with no hospital: Already over stretched public services will be reduced to breaking point by these changes: . These will also be accompanied by hundreds of thousands of newly homeless people. No one from the mainstream has ever quantified these changes. The media have totally ignored it, yet there is no doubt that as we get closer to the general election “the wolf pack of the 80% Tory media will be in full cry” :   Not enough is understood of the cumulative effects of all these cuts on society. Tories do not give a flying fuck, but as they are all mediocrities no one should be surprised. They are born to rule, not born to give a toss. All they understand is greed, they hate immigration, they hate Europe, they hate the poor, they look on ordinary people who pay their wages, and they don’t feel gratitude, they feel hatred, they think that because people are kind and decent that its a sign they are actually fucking stupid. These stupid, nasty cunts with their disgraceful bedroom tax, their vicious benefit cap and their ignorant council tax hike have created a storm which is still brewing. UC might blow first, but the impact will also be incremental. Every day 525 households are evicted from the rental sector alone, right now: Most people who are made homeless quickly develop several medical conditions at once, so-called tri-morbidity: It will be these poor disenfranchised people who will bear the sharp cutting edge of the fucking stupidity of these Tory cunts.

The Tories assumed we would fuck off and go away and die. Well we fucking will not. We are a boulder rolling down a very tall mountain, gathering moss, momentum and solidarity.

We are tired of waiting for the bloody water:   Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Martin Luther King


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