The Achilles’ Heel

The Achilles’ heel of the Tories is becoming more important now that the Tories have taken their first poll lead in two years: They deserve to panic, and now there is the American strategist Axelrod, he is bound to look much deeper, but we can expect him to take an interest in the Tory Achilles’ heel. The Labour problem is fucking obvious to anyone dependant on welfare.

Mr Axelrod does not have to look very far, here is the evil-anus Osborne, keeping a straight face in January 2014: “There is a hard truth which is that this country is much poorer because of the economic collapse. We’ve got to make more cuts”….the job of fixing the economy was “not even half done. That’s why 2014 is the year of hard truths”:

Don’t worry that he talks shit – remember he’s born to rule. Just remember when you see your betters you take your fucking hat off. Enter joke trout Widdecombe with her outstanding wisdom, its a bit like quoting fucking Nietzsche “The coalition is to be congratulated for sticking to its plan. This has re-introduced a work ethic into groups where it has been absent for a very long time”:

In other words, its all at stake.

One of the several Achilles’ heels of the Tories is image. Joking journalist Bryony Gordon, wrote in the Torygraph in 2006, about the preposterous notion that it is possible to be cool and Tory: You are incorrect Bryony, being Tory is not cool, its a sign that you are greedy, that you have no pity, and that you are selfish, the best defence is to claim ignorance. A while back I did some dates, and my first question was always “are you a tory?” I know – but I am good at breaking ice. But the cunts are so greedy they know its impossible to shake off the image that they are the party of the rich, for the rich:–most-voters-see-tories-as-party-of-the-rich-8963111.html Money is a stink the bastards will never entirely remove, no matter how much they hug hoodies.

Here is a brilliant sketch from Harry Enfield called Tory Boy, written some time ago, and yet still relevant with its unending ideological fervour:

EDM662 has now gone to 86, the new MPs are

Eric Joyce – Labour

Angus McNeil – SNP

The NHS is undoubtedly the clearest Achilles’ heel. The problem is that the Tories have form on this. Baroness Bottomley is such an individual. No wonder the evil muppet made a lot of extra effort, by attending the House of Posh Fuck on a daily basis during the reading of the Health and Social Care bill:

Any talk of an economic recovery will not benefit the NHS, its ugly: Everyone knows that the NHS is under attack from every single conceivable angle. On the one hand its bed blocking, on the other it is the vast haemorrhaging of the PFIs, it could be the continual attack on the morale of NHS staff, its actually been listed:

Another Achilles’ Heel is that this government don’t want poor people to have anything. The whole idea of cannablism capitalism has inspired braying top bully DC in his Easter message – his own version of IDS’ Easterhouse epiphany: “Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago. I just want to see more of it”:–he-is-just-continuing-gods-Populism works well with people who do not know their subject, but religious hypocrisy does not work with people with a genuine faith. Real decent people know he is saying a pile of shit and they are very very angry:

A major area where the most vulnerable are taking the biggest hit is PIP, the shambolic benefit replacing DLA. Here we have the words of Emma Cross, a Macmillan Support Benefit Advisor describing the sordid abomination of the assessment process: “Heartbreaking, truly astonishing, I’ve never seen anything like this”:

There can be no justification for the way disabled and vulnerable people are being victimised, vilified, and fucking shoved out of society. It is an aberration of humanity, it can only be answered in one way, but first we have to wait for the dominos to fall.

A conspicuous Achilles’ Heel is short sighted betrayal of the British people. The arrogance of these toff cunts is extraordinary. Take a look at Lord Howell, the wallpaper klutz who is father of the major bum-hole Osborne. Here the facetious nob spouted about fracking. He wrote in May 2014 in the Journal of Energy Security about the dangers of fracking where there were loads of Tories in South England. Instead, fracking should only happen in “remote areas” in the north east, the north west and all the places where the Industrial revolution has left the worst historical scars” Fracking is merely an extreme example, bound to occur once there was the Tory pronouncement in November 2013 to “get rid of all of the green crap”:

Another extreme example is the massive cuts to the fire service, which are disgusting, disturbing and also demonstrative of greedy bastards who don’t give a flying fuck about the impact to ordinary people. The nationwide cuts to emergency services are absolutely disgraceful. Its the comprehensive damage which is the biggest problem, the effect is cumulative as everything is now being fucked up. The latest thing being fucked up is Land Registry: Fucking mediocrities have extensively written off UK. When Boris broke cover with his famous greedy speech in November 2013 it was a sign that Tories think they have won the battle of humanity. Here is some of the greedy speech: “I don’t believe that economic equality is possible; indeed some measure of inequality is essential for the spirit of envy and keeping up with the Joneses that is, like greed, a valuable spur to economic activity”: are frequent proofs that the blonde shmuck does not give a toss about ordinary people – the brutality of his short sighted reforms to London Underground are a battle ground with RMT:

The fact is that with so many Achilles Heels, there can be no doubt that the whole operation has been exceptionally sloppy. The only reason it has got so far, is that ordinary people trusted the government to get it right. With so many mighty fuck ups these dominos will be crashing for some time. They will never be forgotten.

The Achilles’ Heel

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