Dorries, NHS, evictions et al

Two important articles have been published today in the organ of truth, Inside Housing. In the topsy-turvy cruel Britannia the facts are at a premium, there is so much other dross around. Everything I write in my blog I try to be truthful about, but its not my actual goal. My goal is to let off steam while I campaign, and to radicalise. IH has neither of these goals, what is the greatest thing in its favour is that it has no political interest. Its a reaction to something which is infrequently mentioned. It is like a stethoscope placed on a dodgy heart, and it needs interpretation, not just listening to.

The first article:

The importance of this article is that it shows the fucking confusion that exists at the roll out of welfare reform, no one has a fucking clue.

The second article:

This article deals with a fucking ugly problem, which is acerbating the misery. A north south divide exists, in the money allocated to councils as discretionary housing payments. The bastards in Westminster do not give a flying fuck.

I’m not here to defend privilege, I’m here to (fucking) spread it.” DC in 2012:

For all the feckless rhetoric one thing is fucking obvious, which is that there are a fuck of a lot of poor people, who are working. The amount of people on zero hours contracts in UK is boggling: A lot of people who work claim a benefit, and rightly. In Croydon the Landlord Subsidy (Housing Benefit) has increased since 2010 by 1100%: This same picture of increases is national, and makes a fucking mockery of government claims for workers versus shirkers:

Super penis brained toff Osborne is having a fucking wet dream talking about cutting another £12 billion off the welfare budget, largely with housing benefit: The rosy-cheeked super-nob believes that cutting housing benefit for people aged under 25 is an election winner: Nonetheless patronising bum-hole Grant Shapps, the Tory Party Chairman knows what you all fucking enjoy – bingo and a cheaper pint: Thank goodness someone from the Toff party knows the price of a pint of milk. But the loathsome continuously-smirking wide-boy ludicrously has called Red Ed a Marxist because he wants to impose rent controls: The do not give a fuck about the evictions, which are now 525 properties a day: A year of that is 525×365=191625, although thats only if it does not spiral, but now the benefit sanctions have spiked, it will.

Another organ of truth is the web site Full Fact. Here they look at the ludicrous claim made in the Times for 09-05-14 that the recession has finished: The whole nation should be a lot more appreciative of how these toff fucks have saved the country. Just how fortunate we are to have such a genuine master in charge is borne out by the Budget Speech of 2013: “The economic collapse was even worse than we thought. Repairing it will take even longer than we hoped. But we held our nerve when many told us to abandon our plan…And as a result, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the British people, Britain is turning a corner…In my view the last few months have decisively ended this controversy. Those in favour of a Plan B have lost the argument”:

There was a time when it seemed like we might end up with an economy like bloody Greece. I can only say thank goodness those deckchairs have been arranged more sensibly, whomever came up with the idea that the rich should pay their fare share needs putting against the wall and shooting, like Jeremy Clarkson and Colin Brewer said (the Cornish councillor who was not a Tory, unlike old Jezza). Bojo got it spot-on when he said we must be most humble with the obscenely rich as we bloat them with fucking billions of corporate welfare.

But all these poor people has a relevance to the NHS, all these people are taking it for granted. When it collapses they will be in the frame. We all know what that means, but just in case you are reading this Georgie, and we know you got shit for brains let me spell it out. It means several million people dying. For all kinds of reasons we don’t know the true picture, but its dark: It could start from Wales: Everyone is guessing but I think it will be North West London where it starts. The scale of the financial haemorraging has been eye watering: We know that the many experts who have told the government about many different areas have all been ignored, but once again its not rocket science, the NHS needs a big injection of cash:

I feel frustrated by this, and I imagine the reader is – but I am afraid you are not in luck, I am afraid there is only one kind of frustration the Bullingdon cunt can empathise with:

‘I know the honourable lady is extremely frustrated’ DC to Nadine Dorries in 2011:

Tory Dorries then terrified the toffs by saying it like it was : “Unfortunately I think that not only are they two posh boys who don’t know the price of milk but two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition and no passion to understand the lives of others and that’s the crime”

I am away now for 8 days, sorry guys

Dorries, NHS, evictions et al

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