The Brewing Storm

In the topsy-turvy condem world the minimum care is given to everything that needs the greatest care, and conversely the greatest care is given to everything that requires the least care. Consequently corporate welfare is now obscenely bloated, while a humanitarian crisis has been allowed to fester and fester. But – this isn’t rocket science – we all know when something is allowed to fester there is a change, a deterioration.

The toff fuck-wits have now set us up meticulously for a crisis, they have underestimated the British people. These fuckers have completely forgotten that it is in a crisis that the goodwill and compassion of the British people shines.

An important area which will carry a brunt of these so-called reforms is social housing. This is because UC, the bedroom tax and the benefit cap are all an attack on social housing: No one knows the catastrophic impact of these, and nor will we until they hit, because in the topsy turvy cruel Britannia only the rich are listened to, and only that pampered minority have recourse to justice.

An area which has a catastrophic impact, but is nonetheless rising sharply for purely vindictive reasons is the over use of benefit sanctions, the uselessness of sanctions is now widely acknowledged by job centre staff: But they are missing the point here. Sanctions were never supposed to work, they are about bankrupting the UK, breaking the UK, its a huge experiment which no-one can foretell, least of all the top dicks that kicked off the fucking ball. They lack the capacity or interest to think this through.

When one rich fucker squeals the whole world will stare, but in 2011 when 12000 disabled people marched through London there was minimal coverage: Here is joking mega-tit Bojo apologising for the mega rich: “We should be helping all those who can to join the ranks of the super-rich, and we should stop any bashing or moaning or preaching or bitching and simply give thanks for the prodigious sums of money that they are contributing to the tax revenues of this country….On the contrary, the latest data suggest that we should be offering them humble and hearty thanks. It is through their restless concupiscent energy and sheer wealth-creating dynamism that we pay for an ever-growing proportion of public services”

Fucking puke inducing.

The grim fact is that we now have a ‘zombie government’ : who have no ideas, they’ve rearranged the deck-chairs to suit themselves only and now its all fucked up, they can only watch. In January 2014 the House of Common Fuck voted to set up a commission by 125 votes to 2 to study the effects on poverty of the so-called reforms: This important debate which was called by stalwart Michael Meacher was completely ignored by the government: The whole bunch of useless cunts do not give a fuck, yet again.

One area in which the government is particularly salivating is fracking. On 08-05-14 the house of posh fuck gave a green light for all out fracking: The greedy cunts cannot wait to see the mountains of dosh.

Short sighted greed is a feature of these grim cunts. Every fucking day one of these cunts illustrates why they are unfit to govern. Punitive bastard Chris Grayling is at it again, ignorantly shoving UK backwards:

No one knows for sure how long the storm will brew for. It is possible that it will come from many areas at once. When the government passed its evil bills a great many experts spoke at the time, each expert was ignored. There were some decent members of the House of Posh Fuck, their views were held in contempt by the government who enacted something they called ‘Financial Privilege’. The government excel in double talk, it had nothing to do with democracy, it was a direct act of fascism which is the cause of the upcoming humanitarian crisis. It was also fucking disgusting, shamefully even the royals have joined in with zero hour contracts at Buckingham Palace: Shamefully we already had the sordid tale of the Jubilee Stewards: The fact is that the queen rubber stamped these fucking bills. She did not have to, but she did not give a flying fuck. Queen Anne is the last monarch to refuse to Assent a bill, in 1708, it was the Scottish militia bill:

Bilderberg’s secrecy tells volumes about Ed Balls I am afraid, Ed Balls was at the recent meeting of the Bilderberg in 2013 with DC, held at Watford: Labour are complicit to the neoliberal authoritarian agenda. Yet there is still a chance for Labour in a coalition, if they can ditch Balls.

I managed to place two bets with Ladbrokes. One is £10 on Left Unity winning the general election at 500:1 – £5000 if it wins. The other is £40 on a coalition of Labour and Left Unity at 200:1, that’s £8000.

The Brewing Storm

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