The mediocre chameleon

  Poverty on a scale not seen before in this country since Edwardian times has made a surge. I filled a bag with tins for my local food bank just the other day, in Leyton East London. One in ten parents are now skipping meals and feeding their kids instead: Its a real problem for the government that the working class are thoroughly decent. The posh tossers all vaunted greed. First you had DC in his golden throne with permanent austerity: Then you had the great blonde bum-hole Bojo doing his greedy shpiel:   People wonder how this happened, but what they never anticipated is that DC could do a kind of sordid magical trick. Like a fucking mediocre chameleon, he went from hugging a hoodie to fucking telling people to wear one: in the words of Red Ed: “Their crime policy used to be ‘hug a hoodie’. Now their energy policy appears to be ‘wear a hoodie’”: Like someone suddenly removing a disguise.   No one has thought of is what will happen after the food banks break down. Giant dick DC did his greatest gamble with the NHS, but the man who walked around in his wellies after the flooding, looking despondent, hasn’t got any answer for you about what to do after. Here’s what the super-nob said after the floodings providing a tiny taster of the consequences of his actions: “As I’ve said before, there are lessons to be learnt from this experience, and those lessons will be learnt, but right now my focus is on the operational response. Helping those people who need help and protecting those properties which need protecting. It will be a long haul, and it will require a stepped-up national effort with the whole country pulling together” : . In other words the usual flailing around shit you’d expect from the bastard. But let’s remember the very first thing DC did when he came to power was massively cut the environmental budget: Embarrasingly even as his climate-change denying monkey Paterson chaired COBRA, ‘master strategist’ Osborne was developing the plans for his new garden smack in the centre of a flood zone at Ebbsfleet: The Environmental Agency did a report on the proposed development, reported on in Inside Housing: “The report ranks Ebbsfleet as one of the highest risk areas for flooding and cautions: ‘Flood risk in areas to be developed need to be well understood so that proposed developments do not put more people at risk'” :   Looks like the ‘master of fucking strategy’ has been at it again. Thank goodness the dim clowns still have their act together enough to form the fucking COBRA committee. COBRA will actually become even more of a joke when the giant dominos come crashing down. COBRA actually has nothing to do with the venomous snake, it stands for Cabinet Office briefing room A which is in Downing Street: In this situation COBRA will be as useful as a chocolate teapot. Remarkably holding the COBRA committee is the sole plan of the government for when the shit house goes up.   The Scriptonite lady has written these awesome lines: “More than the actions themselves, the culture this government is creating is truly insidious.  This paranoid, bean-counting, ‘they’re out to get us’ hostility to those in need is un-necessary and uncivilized.  It’s mean, petty and vindictive – and when manifested by those who have been gifted their wealth and position in society through luck of birth, it is down-right hypocrisy. So if you want to revolt against this government in the most meaningful way – maintain and expand your compassion.  Refuse to follow Tory, Labour, Lib Dem or UKIP narratives about workers vs shirkers, or benefit tourism, or benefit scroungers. If you want to take on the vested interests in this country, you start at the top.  Kicking the proverbial shit out of the sick, the elderly, the unemployed, or those fleeing persecution or poverty abroad doesn’t make you alternative.  It makes you complicit in the most conservative, established, mainstream ideology in the world – it makes you a bigot and a coward. But standing before a wave of propaganda teaching you to judge, and even hate…and maintaining the civilized human being in you, that takes something. Keep your eye on the government corruption, the public money floating into private pockets, the fraudulent banking system that  creates poverty – and the social, economic and political structures that make it all possible – keep pointing at the Emperor and shouting ‘You’re naked!’ until everyone else listens. Do not support them with your purchasing choices, your political mandate (vote) or your daily interactions and conversations. Participate and/or actively support every strike, protest, direct action, community project and initiative you can.  We can build a better country, and a better world.  But your participation is required. Don’t get angry, get involved! Join the Call 999 For the NHS March – Starting 16th August in Jarrow, people from all across the country will recreate the Jarrow march to London in support of the NHS.  You can march, or help create a media storm and a big welcome in your town. People’s Assembly Against Austerity – keep up to speed on all direct actions, strikes, protests and learning/community events in your area – and participate!   Here’s someone doing a wanker sign at Faraje behind his back:   This is an important article:   The whole idea that there is NO long term plan, that everything is short term, that greed conquers all, may be the chosen theme of neo-liberals, but its also complete bollocks. There used to be such a thing as “compassionate conservatism”, and although DC still pretends to have it, the Tories have fucking murdered it.   Here is DC in 2011: “I described myself as a modern, compassionate Conservative. Modern, because I think we’ve got to apply ourselves to the challenges of today … Compassionate, because we mustn’t leave people behind in our country … But I’m a Conservative because I believe, generally, if you give people more power and control over their own lives, they will actually make great decisions”   The hard truth is that no-one looked at the Tories in the last decade to catch them murdering compassion. Before they announced “cutting the green crap”, DC rode fucking sledges with huskies in the Arctic: That was in 2006. I reckon it was already murdered by then. 2002 is the time when IDS had his Easterhouse Epiphany. That was when the bastards were murdering compassion. At the time IDS made a great speech, waffling for 62 minutes, the mega bum-wipe had 18 standing ovations and nine minutes applause at the end – it actually contains a memorable line:”The quiet man is here to stay and he’s turning up the volume”: . That’s when DC did his fucking magic trick, the rest as they say is fucking history.

The mediocre chameleon

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