Never was so much owed by so many to so few

As Churchill wrote in 1940: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few: this can be contrasted by this statement – never before in British history has so much fucking shit been done by so few people in so short a time to so many. Its completely unprecedented how comprehensively and rapid these changes have been.

Fucking ignorant government ministers make it their business to ignore what people say who actually know their subject. Here is footage of eye-brow raising super-dong Lansley being chased through London Free Hospital by an irate doctor in 2012:

Great blonde bum-hole shitter Bojo displayed similar arrogance in pushing through a reckless program of fire service cuts to London, and as the bastard cut these services the great-arse said “As we have seen this morning this is an emotive issue and I want Londoners to know it is not a decision I have taken easily or lightly. I have been over it again and again with officials and we have discussed it exhaustively. I would only be doing this if [I] thought [it would be] a credible defensible way to improve fire cover.”: The giant schmuck already has blood on his hands after a man died in a fire in March:

Punitive mega-cock Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling is no stranger to making far ranging decisions with nil experience. Its thoroughly stupefying to watch the huge cock up he is making of the prison and probation service. Here, fucking penal expert Chris talks about how life in prison is, and can be improved: “We believe offenders need to behave well and engage in their own rehabilitation if they are to earn privileges and incentives. We want them to be doing more work, getting skills and training, not lying around watching television”: Private companies have been running prisons in UK since 1990, but Grayling wants them extended to all prisons saying it could save £450 million:  

One area where the dicks have been allowed to run fucking free is in welfare. Encouraged by schlongs like Byrne and Miliband, evil IDS has had virtual freedom to fuck up repeatedly. Universal Credit is well documented as being a shambles, but if it actually went to plan this would be seriously amplified: The fact is that nowhere in UK is ready for this change, its been well studied:

The technology for UC has been outsourced to the great giant of technology – India, by super cock Grayling:

But hatchet man IDS is not actually interested in making UC work. The evil penis-brain proved this with his simplistic path-finders carried out at a handful of job centres to the simplest of criteria – single jobseekers: Incredibly the fucking dicks then will unroll it over the whole country: is millionaire Lord Fraud (Dec 2013):Frankly, why should we hurry with the most vulnerable? My own view is we should take as much time as it takes to get these people safely into the new system.”: You have to trust the noble Lord, his Oxford education provided him skills which we can only gasp at – look at his brilliant quip of 2012: “you don’t have to be the corpse to go to a (fucking) funeral” : Sometimes I wish I had been to Oxford, but its not something that troubles bum-wipe IDS who tells everyone nonsense that he did time at Perugia: disturbing truth is that IDS may advertise himself as a moralising shmuck but he’s far from normal, instead he’s a fucking void with zero empathy:

As George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1902: “When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty” :

Its all about to go seriously pear shaped. Its a fucking slow car crash, but as Professor John Seddon wrote in 2011: “The train has left the station. In the words of the chairman of the Commons public accounts committee the plan to deliver this brilliant idea is a train crash waiting to happen. It is guaranteed.”: So many fucking car crashes all at once, no one has any idea what will happen. You might think they know nothing from their ivory towers, but actually they do know one bloody important thing – that if your poor, old, vulnerable or just struggling, you’re about to pay the biggest price.

But at least there is one figure of genuine ability and integrity whose voice deserves to heard in its towering authority, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is the Republican cheeky chappy from Austria, showing how comprehensively he has summed up “visionary” Bojo: “He has the qualities which are essential for a leader. For politicians, it’s all about personality. Boris is charming, he’s funny, and he’s very clever.” The cinematic legend also has cutting edge advise for DC – “Cameron must not try to imitate Johnson. It would be a (fucking) disaster. Johnson is authentic. It has to be organic. Cameron must just be himself.”

Thank goodness the man is on his fucking moral mission.

But anyhow to return to Churchill, someone who had a brain cell, he wrote a message to everyone poor, old, vulnerable or just struggling, his message in 1940 was futuristic. He said “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” :

Never was so much owed by so many to so few

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