The Slipping Mask

Watching the mask slip will be an increasing feature as the class war goes deeper and deeper into its savage, unpredictable phase. As we have already noted Tory rats have wasted no time in leaping from the sinking ship, trying to defend hospitals in their own constituencies. Only last week super schlong Faraje let his mask slip. This was after mega-toff-schmuck Osborne lost his legal bid to prevent the financial transaction tax of a meagre 0.1% being adopted by 11 EU countries. Here is the fucking dong Faraje fuming: “This is a deliberate assault on the City of London. Just how many times does the British financial industry have to be kicked in the (fucking) teeth by the European Court of Justice before Prime Minister David Cameron will shout ‘enough is enough?’”

Grinning bell-end Boris Johnson may be a fucking mediocrity but he’s also careful never to let the mask slip. Occasions when he has done are bloody rare, but he did have a fucking car crash interview with Eddie Mair in 2013: Back in the day Bojo was a member of the Bullingdon Club, the toff club where they trashed restaurants after eating there. Yes he was young, he can give that excuse:

Do you reckon the great blonde bum-hole gave a flying fuck as he burned his £50 in front of the beggar in the initiation ‘ceremony’?:

Top cock DC while a mediocrity is also keen never to let the mask slip, because one thing the chief limp-dick knows is that he is not the brain of Britain. Ironically DC destroyed the austerity myth after the flooding in the Tory heartlands. Speaking at Downing Street on 12/02/14 the super cunt said it like it was: “Money is no (fucking) object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed, we will spend it.” :

Repulsive hypocrite DC probably had a fucking hard on when he burnt his £50 note. The arrogant helmet is fucking weak, he’s going to implode once the whole shit house goes up in flames. Just look at the born-to-fucking-rule penis-brain and the super dick-head Clegg in the fucking rose-garden in 2010, fucking sickening:

One thing which is particularly obscene is the continuous nonchalance which this army of cunts have used public money to enact legal cases against the public interest. Corporate welfare is a fucking joke, so was rigor-mortis cunt Jeremy Cunt and his court case against the people of Lewisham:

Noxious bum-hole shitter Phil Hammond has actually claimed that wasting £110 billion on replacing Trident was ‘irreversible’: Here’s the fucking anus being berated by an irate flooding victim in 2014:

Its fucking disgraceful the way this government of fucking freaks is pouring money at super cunt companies like G4S, Atos, Circle, Crapita and A4E. Vince Cable just fucked over the Royal Mail, he didn’t give a flying fuck as he handed billions to a few frothing city neoliberal pigs:

Austerity does not exist for MPs, who think they deserve a pay rise of fucking 32%:

Hang on, if there this one group of privileged parasites that deserve a rise its the fucking royals. Here is the penis-brain Gove talking about giving her majesty a royal yacht in 2012: “My suggestion would be a gift from the nation to Her Majesty; thinking about, for example, David Willetts’ excellent suggestion for a royal yacht – and something tangible to commemorate this momentous occasion. If there is not sufficient public money available then we could surely look for a generous private donation, for example, to give every school child a lasting memento of the occasion, or possibly to allow every school to buy a permanent reminder.” Thank fuck her majesty put her foot down:


Only the other day Les Ford, the Tory gimp who is deputy leader of Cheshire West and Chester council put his foot in his mouth, he let the mask slip, talking about disabled children: “We have a burden, as everybody does, when you have a person like this in one’s family” :

But in the words of millionaire Lord Young of Graffham “we’ve never had it so (fucking) good”:

But there’s something lacking still – some media drivel. Ah here’s a bit to dull your brains with a bit of trite shit – yes, its ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ stars Luisa Zissman and Dappy saying they are ‘in love’ and ‘could be the new Posh And Becks’:

The Slipping Mask

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