Protecting the rich, hot sex and G4S


Sanctimonious bastard DC has gone out of his way to protect the rich. Only the other day toff cunts George Eustice and Owen Paterson raised the subsidy it provides for grouse moorland from £30 per hectare to £56:
At the same time DC intervened to keep the cost of gun licenses frozen at £50:

Ludicrous super cunt Boris Johnson talks shit about the super rich being an ‘oppressed minority like homeless people’:

You would think the greedy bastard would be ashamed, instead of which he is still shamelessly pedaling his populist crap: . Rosy-cheeked toff cunt Osborne lost no time in handing the fucking rich £104000 each in his famed Omnishambles budget:

The evil filth have made it almost impossible to get an over all picture of how rapidly and how comprehensively they are fucking up UK. Inside the London bubble it is clear of the scale of social cleansing:

But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the rural poor are taking the biggest hit, though its hitting Wales the hardest: One thing which these numpties have done is completely fuck up the north-south divide: The disgusting truth is that welfare reform hits hardest where there is the greatest poverty: file:///C:/Users/Gabriel/Downloads/Mapping_the_Cuts_-_final_report.pdf

Borisconi is famed for his sexual greed as well as his political greed. The sickening arse cannot wait to enter the House of Common Fuck, maybe in the seat of Zac Goldsmith, the MP of Richmond Park. Here Boris enthuses, probably rubbing his knees in a randy fashion: “The biggest supporters of that are all the women in my office who are massively keen on the Boris-Zac job swap. In a very insulting way, they’ve told me in no uncertain terms the sooner I can swap with Zac Goldsmith the better as far as they are concerned. That’s the position there.” :

Tory bastards all over England buy the preposterous idea that joking cunt Bojo can be just parachuted into any parliamentary seat, and the election will be in the bag. They forget that the blonde nob is not thought much of North of Watford: Some people say the populist cunt can take over from Tory Sir George Young, MP of North East Hampshire: Others say that he should take over as MP of Thirsk and Northallerton where Tory-girl McIntosh has been deselected:

But joker Borisconi also enthuses on sex in the city: “A city is a huge centrifuge, it spins people round at much greater velocity than anywhere else. People meet each other, they have more sexual intercourse as Michael Gove is continually pointing out. One of the reasons cities are so successful is that they provide a huge assortment of potential mates – in business and pleasure” : Yes, the bastard Gove loves sleaze too. Gove’s recent talk of ‘hot sex’ in the city, had them all in a state: “We are increasing computer science lessons in school, but there are some things the Government cannot do. I was talking to some young entrepreneurs recently and they said the reason they love London so much is not so much high-tech opportunities but that it’s a fantastic city with great opportunities to be successful, enjoy a great culture, have a good time and loads of hot sex. Only Berlin comes close!”: Personally I reckon the remarks were directed at the May woman, who was there, gasping apparently.

G4S has been awarded Osborne’s fucking “Help to Work” scheme, worth £300000000: Incompetent G4S are famous for being shite.

In 2009 the bastards were sacked for peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks, broken doors after drunken brawls, threats and intimidation from those leaders participating in this activity”: .

In 2011 the stupid cunts managed to put a tag on someone’s false leg, allowing Mr Lowcock to remove the prosthetic leg and break his curfew:

In 2012 the incompetent bastards managed to fuck up supplying people for the Olympics, it became a ‘humiliating shambles’:

In 2013 the bastards had a bad year, when they really fucked up with the tagging of prisoners. It was fucking embarrassing to punitive cunt Chris Grayling. The greedy fuckers were claiming for tagging dead people and people in prison:

G4S are well known for their appalling behavior, and in 2013 their fucking shite behavior with South African prisons: More appalling behavior was seen in Australia in 2014:

So its obviously about to go badly wrong, as usual its the poor taking the hit though. You can study the shite of G4S on :


Protecting the rich, hot sex and G4S

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