Simon Stevens, Maria Miller, job centres

Few of us can claim to have as much aleged experience of disability as disgrace Simon Stevens. Here’s a slimy piece of shit from the suspect Tory lacky:

Those deemed unfit for paid work, or who regard themselves as unable to work, are effectively recipients of the welfare state victims and therefore commonly seen as victims. I believe many disabled people are currently not provided with sufficient motivation, understanding or support to realise their full potential – especially if their personal story has not hitherto involved any paid employment in the traditional sense. We all have things that we can contribute to our families, our communities and the whole of society.” :

Alleged joker Stevens points out that disability can be overcome with equipment:

I strongly believe if you have a specific problem, you can now find a device that can help you with it one way or another – even if you sometimes need to be creative in how you use it. Some equipment you assume will help may well end up being useless and not what you expected. Conversely, other products can turn out to be life changing, and bring about a better quality of life in ways people can scarcely imagine.“ :

You have to ask yourself what fucking piece of equipment will help mentally ill people, people with complex health needs, or people with terminal cancer. The alleged fucking cunt made a few quid working for Atos. Here the fucking saint waxes lyrical about his readiness to side with the enemy. It was then that Simon outdid himself with this pretentious piece: “While it may look mysterious at times, everything I do relates to my mission statement and my fundamental belief in human potential. But changing the world for the better is not always heroic and exciting. As a consultant, it is often my job to read documents line by line and reflect on their implications for a wide range of people with differing impairments, backgrounds, understandings and beliefs. It is not about what I believe and want, but what I understand a wide range of people will think and desire. It is very often the small changes in policies or how letters are worded which can make the biggest difference to people, and turn worry into satisfaction.” :

Fortunately you don’t need to wear Steven’s weirdo white helmet to appreciate his alleged sense of humour – fucking hilarious – NOT:

Indeed, the fucking bastards now in charge are unintentionally even more witty than Simon. DC was not trying to be funny in his defence of Killer Miller, he was just doing what he did with Jeremy Cunt and the Bsky bid. Here’s a bit of top cunt DC back then:

 “Some people are saying there was some great conspiracy between me and Rupert Murdoch to do some big deal to back them in return for support. Rupert Murdoch has said that’s not true, James Murdoch has said that’s not true, I have said that’s not true. There was no great conspiracy.”

Evil Miller first stalled and then tried to bully the parliamentary commissioner for standards refusing to pay back as much money as they recommended:

But give the grim trout her due -she did come up with some real comedy – the 32 second apology of Miller in the House of Common Fuck:

With permission, Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal statement in relation to today’s report. The report resulted from an allegation made by the member for Bassetlaw. The committee has dismissed his allegation. The committee has recommended that I apologise to the House for my attitude to the commissioner’s inquiries and I of course unreservedly apologise. I fully accept the recommendations of the committee and thank them for bringing this matter to an end.”

Pukka panzanella then.

Clearly the greedy millionaire is not from ‘the parasitic underclass of scroungers’ identified by UKIP:

But the sheer greed is only a tiny percentage of the fucking greed out there. Officially tax evasion in 2011 was £69.9 billion:

At least dumb troll Esther McVey has the right attitude with her fucking workfare scheme:

Here’s some tasks from workfare schemes which develop people’s ability to look for work – they teach people how to have a sense of humour.

Ripping sheets of paper up and then sticking them back together:

A class on how to use toilet paper in Doncaster, apparently some of the people had not been using bog-roll:

The fucking inhumanity is demonstrated again and again by job centre staff, I pass my own local job centre twice a week. That’s where I will be sitting during parts of November 2014, though it is possible the security guards will prevent me. Personally I can see the whole thing untangling once the job centre staff start sanctioning each other:

The problem is in the maniacal and ugly stupidity of IDS. This is the bastard that comes to the Disability Select Committee and waves guns at disabled people: A whole government of fucking bullies all at once on the attack.

Simon Stevens, Maria Miller, job centres

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