The red claw, the overall benefit cap and the vintage Rolls

The fucking gherkin is now in receivership: For those who don’t live in London the gherkin is a monument to neoliberalism in the heart of the city. Its called ‘gherkin’ because it resembles a giant gherkin. The top floor is a swanky nightclub, where neoliberals probably hung out, I’ve never been there. It used to be the people’s city, but the bastard Johnson has seen to that, despite his procrastinations:

Empty fucking populism. Newham now sends people to Stoke on Trent: 

Waltham Forest is Walsall, Luton and Margate:,

Westminster has teamed up with Chelsea and Kensington and Hammersmith and Fulham: They send people to Nottingham and Derby: ; social cleansing is a vicious consequence of super cunt IDS’s benefit cap.

IDS has proven himself as the master statistician: in much the same way as mega moron George (fucking) Osborne is ludicrously described as the master strategist: . 33000 households are affected by the benefit cap policy so far:

Benefit cap is not rolled out fully, it will not be until September, and after that point the number will actually rise because the OBC will be falling with the CPI: so you can judge that the eventual figure might be 50000 households. The end result is whole families living in a poverty not seen in uk since Edwardian times. They wont be the disabled, they will be the working poor whose lives are being devastated. At least as their lives are brutally destroyed by an out of touch elite they can reflect that “we are all in this together”.

Fuck me its getting heavy and there’s still miles to go, it wont get HOT until September. Let’s lighten it up with the House of Posh Fuck.

The House of Posh Fuck can only be sorted out by a fucking revolution. Its the fault of DC. The top cunt has totally fucked up the posh house, stuffing it with fucking crony tories and lib dems, at the rate of 53 a year, faster than any other prime minister in the whole of history:

Peers can claim £300 expenses just for turning up, Lord Hanningfield is famed for this: When the noble Lord was questioned about this he claimed that half the members of the House of Posh Fuck clock in and out of Parliament for a few minutes a day in order to claim a £300 daily attendance allowance:

On average the tax payer wastes £21000 on each lord:

One peer, the Earl of Rosslyn, claimed over £15000 despite not voting at all or sitting on any parliamentary committees: The Seventh Earl of Rosslyn is not an ordinary crossbencher, he has also been in charge of the queen’s security for ten years:–The-series-headline-making-royal-security-scandals-Commander-escaped-cull.html He was in charge on the occasion when the ruling class in the form of Prince Charles and Lady Parker-Bowles met the braying anarchist mob of the great unwashed in Regent Street. The royal vintage Rolls Royce was heading to the Royal Variety Performance when it met ordinary folk. Someone managed to jab Camilla in the ribs through a window and made her cower on the floor. Rioters were chanting “Off with their heads” and “Tory scum”: It was like a little taster of things to come as we enter fucking social armageddon:

When the red claw emerges, as Margaret Thatcher’s death shows, it emerges:

But the fucking rich have now brought the class war to the unpredictable stage, the stage when any fucking thing can happen.

The red claw, the overall benefit cap and the vintage Rolls

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