Fighting Bull


UKIP play a relevant role in the War against the Poor. The figure Faraje is mediocre, the fucking tosser is always talking far too much. Someone, somewhere should just shout “shut the fuck up”, on air, never happens though no matter how long I have waited.

The problem is that the bastard Faraje is “spreading the (fucking) privilege”- a line from DC: Using his fucking toff privilege the posh cunt can draw support from rich people, but at the same time the git also carefully has cultivated his image. Like a fucking chameleon the bastard also leeches on us. But people are starting to get desperate, and the bastard is talking about bedroom tax: , fucking economic populism: The Labour party are fighting this right now: But let’s face it, the Labour response so far has been absolutely pathetic. Fraraje is a Thatcherite, who left the Tories twenty years ago:

Because of Faraje’s special position as a posh twat in fucking over the poor, the fucker gets more air time than any other British politician, spreading his fucking privilege, no wonder the BBC have stuck the bastard on Question Time 14 times since 2009: Coverage of the cunt might actually go up even:

But then he’s kind of got the populism, init?

Its the fucking populism: The fucking leaching:

Its a bit like Mockney – this populism lark. What you do is, you pretend to be like them. You do what they bloody do. All they fucking do is sit in a pub holding a pint in one hand and a fag in the other. All you gotta do is tell a lie and the fucking oinks buy your shit. They actually think your their fucking friend, it really works mate. Maybe I should cultivate Mockney more.

As the storm grows, ukip’s presence confuses the ordinary voter. But if you dig into the scintillating pages of the welfare policy summary you will find us discussed with really clinical accuracy as a parasitic underclass of (fucking) scroungers” :

More benefit hatred: “Some long-term benefit claimants would be banned from using their benefit cash to buy cigarettes, alcohol or satellite TV subscriptions under proposals due to be presented at the UK Independence party’s spring conference on Saturday” :

How dare you working class scum escape your fucking misery and drudgery by watching a fucking flat screen tv, drinking or smoking. From now on you will no longer have pleasure. But we will call you greedy, when its actually us that are fucking greedy. Just don’t get fucked off or we’ll squirt you, Boris has ordered his water canons indiscriminately off the fucking cheery May woman.

Everyone loves a gaffe in these cheerless times. While mediocrities Miliband and DC joke away in the House of Common Fuck, UKIP gaffes and jokes tend to come from dodgy councillors and MEPs. The truth is that boring Nigel grins non stop but is careful to remain bloody ordinary. Yes – Just another fucking mediocrity laughing at us when we need a fucking statesman. Laughing with his ill disguised hatred of the poor. Laughing while they vote for him. You ugly joking cunt.


Fighting Bull

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