Surrey, joking bastards and other nimbys


People ask me which has area has biggest percentage of Tory freaks. I tend to answer Surrey, there are a whole group there. I can even list the fuckers:

Paul Beresford Mole Valley

Crispin Blunt Reigate

Michael Gove Surrey Heath

Chris Grayling Esher and Epsom

Sam Gyimah East Surrey

Philip Hammond Runnymede and Weybridge

Gerald Howarth Aldershot

Jeremy Hunt South West Surrey

Kwasi Karteng Spelthorne

Lord Jonathan Woking

Anne Milton Guildford

Dominic Raab Esher and Waltham

John Redwood Wokingham

Yes, Surrey is a viper’s nest of cunts, one could imagine that the folk of Surrey would benefit from this heightened level of cunt-control, but far from it. Last year the bastards wrote off £15.5 million of Surrey’s Adult Social Care Budget: Then there was the flooding in the Tory heartlands: Even by this point there were some Surrey cunts who thought DC was the fucking Messiah: But given the gigantic iceberg we are now crashing into its not surprising some of the cunts are getting cold feet:

Personally I love a bit of nimbyism, the Tory cunts excel at this. In 2013 Mr Cherry of Stedham, West Sussex gave us an absolute beauty about a sexual volcano. The fuckwit Gove is planning on opening one of his poncy academies there, but local dimwits can only conjure up smut, and it is true that no fucker has seen a sexual volcano outside a blue movie:

Another thing upsetting nimbyies are people trying to build on the Green Belt: Cunt Boles is under pressure now over it:

Another cunt who seems to be getting ready for southern resistance is Tory Michael Fallon, MP of Sevenoaks: Oh dear, the bastards are going for gold:

Greedy cunts about to destroy the world? Time for something lighter instead. Bring on ex MP of Maidstone, Ann Widicombe, her comedy dance routine will surely sort us out: Personally I rather enjoy a bit of the bastard Gove rapping:

But hang on, Dave’s on his moral mission – his mission is to make us all appreciate humour more. The fucking toff bastard wants you to know that when it comes to laughter he has the edge. The diamond geyzer brought us The Bullingdon Club joke:

The Bullingdon Club joke

Surveying his audience – who were dressed in black ties – and the grand surroundings of the House of Commons Members’ dining room, the PM quipped: “The last time I was at a dinner this posh, Boris [Johnson] spent the rest of the night in prison.” and the equally famed “Too Many Tweets make a (fucking) twat” can’t wait to make the whole country FUCKING angry. The evil fucking joking piece of shit. At least the bastard uses the full bladder technique: Talking of which, I need the loo, excuse me.


Surrey, joking bastards and other nimbys

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