Class War: Bojo, Thrasher and the 3p expenses claim.

Two years ago I tried to make a bet. Someone had recently put £5 on the bastard Bojo falling over and setting fire to his hair with the olympic torch.

The lady in the betting shop said “I love Boris, he’s so funny”. But she was right, of all these mean posh fuckers, Bojo is their biggest buffoon. Ordinary people believe Boris gives a fuck about them, but the evil cunt trashed the fire services in London, while Tories all around the country followed suit. The old de Pfeffel-Johnsons actually are famous for all being jokers, well, apart from Jo that is. Rachel Johnson, sister of Bojo actually did a bit of urban safari – yes, she mixed with poor people. In her comments she showed she had more humanity than the cunt Osborne, the repulsive Pickles or the posh dimwit Letwin. Here’s a bit of Rachel: “I don’t care about the trolls on Twitter, and won’t apologise to them, but I do care about Dee, Mick and Jackie. I’m sorry they may now know I said they lived like animals (even though the truth is Dee’s alsatian lived better – with free pet food from the food bank, it ate more protein than she did).”

This would go over the cunt Osborne’s head. The toff bastard isn’t above trying to get away with the wrong train ticket : but he had no qualms about burning a £50 note in front of a beggar – the initiation ceremony of the Bullingdon Club:

Sounds like its time for a fantasy rant of Thrasher Mitchell…Allegedly etc.

Best learn your fucking place, you lot don’t run this fucking government, you’re fucking plebs. Fucking pleb, why don’t you get it in your drug addled, bingo orientated mind that WE are the fucking rich. That we don’t give a flying fuck about you. You all stink of chip fat and pasties. Why don’t you sit and watch Downtown Abbey on your massive flat screen TVs while we do what we always do – kill everything, ruin everything, fuck the whole planet up, pass money down our family lines and most importantly tell the poor they are poor for fucking social reasons. How dare you working class pieces of shit actually think you can have socialised healthcare, a decent police and fire service, you bloody vermin. You see we understand you working class scum and that’s why we are going to trample you in the fucking gutter where you belong and where you will never ever get out. How dare you think you have human rights! How fucking dare you.

Some daft expenses from millionaire Tory MPs:

Evil Mark Hoban – £79 on 4 silk cushion covers, £35 toilet roll holder, £294 coffee table:

Right wing toff Dr Fox: 3p for a car journey of 100 yards:

Gross bully Nadhim Zahawi: £5822.27 on heating bill used partly to heat horse stables:

Here’s some words from Tory liar Lord Taylor: “I don’t care about money. Some millionaires in the House of Lords are some of the most miserable people I have ever met…Money doesn’t bring you anything. It’s serving people that does” :

Class War: Bojo, Thrasher and the 3p expenses claim.

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