rosy English cheeks

The Labour party have fucked up. Labour MPs’ opportunistically attack the bedroom tax, but the party have seen open goal after open goal. Faced with gaping open goals by the fuckwit Osborne, all the Labour party can do is prove they are unfit to govern. Initially people hoped there was a strategy, like Napoleon who said, “never stop the enemy when they are making a mistake”. Old Nappy had a point, but Milibean isn’t Nappy, instead the best you can say of the champagne socialists in their inner circle is that they faced a crisis, and didn’t know what the fuck to do. When the bastard Balls announced that Labour are sticking to the Tory spending plans, it was a moment of national shame. The Labour dimwits abstained at the first reading of the welfare reform bill, as the cunts did again at the bill for retrogressive legislation to workfare. Even Tristram Hunt the shadow education man has said he will not revoke the new rules of the idealogue fuck wit Gove. Fuck Labour. I vote Left Unity.

In these times you gotta get your humour in dark places. A ludicrous description was made in February 2014 of the fuckwit Osborne, from Huffington Post, which was also translated by the cunt Benedict Brogan:

If you’re sitting on a dining table next to Sir Richard Branson and in front of the extraordinarily interesting and charismatic Finance Minister of Nigeria, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, it is difficult to pay attention to anyone else. But behold, my ears went to a young skinny guy with English rosy cheeks, his own verve, and a playmaker who debates with strong opinions, although not as popular as Churchill and Thatcher. The name of the illustrious man, unknown to me, was the Honourable George Osborne, “Chancellor of the Exchequer”, or the finance minister of the United Kingdom. The writer is at Davos:
My friend Tina Brown sat me in front of him and whispered: you will meet a very interesting person. And a person who stands on a platform with Sir Branson and Dr  Okonjo-Iweala has to be interesting. George Osborne has been an interesting character since childhood. Born into the Anglo-Irish aristocracy, he started life with the name Gideon, but at age 13, in a small act of defiance, he went to his mother and said, “I do not like the name Gideon and want to change .” And she responded: “I don’t like Gideon either.” Gideon then changed his name to George, in honour of his grandfather, a war hero. So even with this first small and reform, he never stopped to amaze.
He is the Minister of Finance, but hasn’t studied economics. He studied history. And he was appointed commander of the British economy at the age of 38. His first steps were to create a department of fiscal responsibility, cut costs, and reduce the size of government. And it was by doing these unpopular things that – in such a short time – he has put his country on the track it is today. Tina Brown told me in the beginning that she did not think what he was doing would work. And that’s where the story interests me. The world needs leaders who know how to communicate, to do what is difficult and unpopular, but necessary.
I’ve been fat my whole life. A fat guy consuming 3,000 calories is a happy guy. A fat on a diet of 1,000 calories is the most miserable of men, in a foul mood, when in reality all their vital indicators are improving. The challenge that world leaders have today is how to stay in power despite unpopular measures. I now understand many things that my mother taught me, and shoved down my throat long after. The life of George Osborne was helped by the support of Prime Minister David Cameron, and also the ability to communicate and discuss the difficult things a politician must address. He was elected Member of Parliament for Tatton in June 2001, becoming the youngest Conservative in the House of Commons, and after that, Cameron led the campaign for leadership of the Conservative Party .
Communication skills , judgment and selection are the challenges of CEOs, presidents and prime ministers. How to take certain actions that are misunderstood in the short term by the financial market by Parliament or by a group of voters. The great leaders – by charisma or God knows why – they have this power. Like great mothers who take unpopular decisions in the short term, but will be understood by those who benefit . This is the challenge of democracy worldwide. Mothers do not need to deal with democracy. Tyrants are the most wonderful mothers in the world. The ability to make tough changes to open parliament, a free press and active social networking is what transforms this guy with rosy cheeks and the gift to discuss and explain their ideas, that are more interesting that Sir Branson’s.
So, with all of the things I saw and heard in Davos , the Chancellor of the Exchequer is the person I most recommend for my readers to follow, whether or not you agree with what I’ve said. A 13 year old boy who changed his own name is certainly a transformer, and the world needs them desperately.

I don’t watch TV, in fact when I see the cunt Osborne’s rosy English cheeks I feel physically sick.

rosy English cheeks

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