Stupid, greedy, irresponsible, fuckwits

The conference at DPAC was angry, everyone knows this is THE year, when finally disabled people can have their say. John MacDonnell addressed us, I’ve seen him talk many times, he now is more angry. After he spoke I went to the loo, I passed the great John in the corridor. He was talking activists, I overheard him. He said “this is the year”.
Before they brought in the pit bull Lynton, the Tory twats got their ideas from the Hungarian fascist cunt Steve Hilton. Luckily he has fucked off to USA (sorry all Yankies, I appreciate you have enough with the fiscal cliff party and the fucking Ryan budget). Steve was the worse dressed man in Westminster, and although the spiteful bastard didn’t design the blueprints, he implemented them. I blame him for some of this misery, it isn’t his fault that IDS has issues of sexual adequacy: Nonetheless the fact remains that this regime have no idea what will happen. DC is notoriously sloppy, this is the ponce who left poor Nancy (his eight year old) in the pub in 2012, he really doesn’t have a clue. In the end of the day everyone is now acknowledging he really is an arrogant posh boy who doesn’t know the price of a pint of milk. The first big mistake these tossers made was slashing the environmental budget. The flooding provided an early taster of the events of this year, as fucking slowly the car crash happens, as one policy after another implodes.

Actually UK is a bit like the Titanic – don’t you think? Except we don’t have Edward Smith at the wheel. Instead of that we have a bunch of fuckwits, proclaiming there is no ice-berg. The iceberg is now very very close, but the bastards say its not there. What is really important they say is shifting the fucking deck chairs. The stupid greedy irresponsible fuckers.

Stupid, greedy, irresponsible, fuckwits

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