Dinner is served

For years disabled people have been fighting this government of bastards. Back in 2011 when the fuckwits started on us, they never anticipated that it was actually the battle of humanity. All over the world greedy bastards sprung up suddenly, as the ugly head of capitalism reared and demanded the world. After several years filled with propaganda shit, these greedy bastards actually think they have already won. The great joker Bojo gave a speech at the Centre for Policy Studies, it was a Margaret Thatcher lecture. The blonde nob made appalling comments about cornflakes, iq, and greed. “Greed is great” the increasingly unfunny apologist said. But he was talking only two weeks after DC. Our chief muppet actually made a speech from a golden throne, at a dinner at the Mansion House. He preached never ending austerity. Here’s a snippet from the Guardian:

The guests enjoyed a champagne reception, and then were served a starter (“a celebration of British mushrooms”), a fish course and main course of fillet of beef, all served with wine of course. In the break before dessert, coffee, dessert wine, port, brandy and whisky were served, Cameron gave his speech.

But its the DPAC conference today, I best get ready.

Dinner is served

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