I am now fucking angry. For years and years my anger has been denied an access. In the next few months that rage will be intensifying. By no means, is my rage alone. Revolutionaries all believe there will be a revolution.

Today my aim is to get MPs to sign EDM662. Its not my first rodeo either, there has already been EDM620 against mandatory reconsideration, and EDM651 against the closure of the Independent Living Fund. The EDM is an Early Day Motion, its a fucking shit way that ordinary people can get MPs to sign something. The EDM is very unlikely to get debated in the House of Commons, but the EDM is the only way that ordinary people can get their voices heard in Westminster.

Here is the EDM662:
That this House recognises that the bedroom tax, spare room subsidy, is unjust, discriminates against disabled and sick people, carers, separated parents, grandparents, the low paid and the poorest, will not reduce homelessness or housing benefit spending as claimed, and puts financial and social strain on communities, landlords and local authorities; and calls on the Government to suspend the policy pending a review of its impact and effectiveness, which should consider writing off the tenant and landlord arrears it has caused.

So far 72 MPs have signed EDM662, but its early days still. I better go back to my campaigning.

But thank goodness the cunt Miller went. What a fucking waste of space she was.


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